Subscribing to Teaching Portfolios

We have a list-serve called "TeachingPortfolios", where people share ideas concerning teaching philosophies, summaries of the roles and responsibilities to accomplish these goals, summaries of teaching methods, feedback from students and peers, self-reflection and assessment, evidence of personal goals for future years and evidence of professional development. Anyone can join this group.

To apply to join this group, send an email to:

You will receive an email back from google stating that the group requires admin permission to join and asking if you would like to continue with the request.  Follow the link to confirm and in a few days you will receive confirmation.  

To post to the group send an email to  

To unsubscribe from the group, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

You can log in to the web archive of the group HERE.  You will be asked to provide a google account login and password, which allows google to verify your identity.  Anyone who uses gmail, has an institution using google for email, or uses google docs already has such an account.  HAPS does not provide tech support for google, so please search within the google system if you have problems getting in.  With the web interface you can

  • post to the group

  • search past posts

  • change your email preferences