President's Initiative 2014-2016   

Tom Lehman, HAPS President 2014-2015

President’s Initiative 2014-2016: Creating a HAPS Curriculum of Educational Courses

Tom’s President’s Initiative for HAPS-Institute is designed to:

  • develop educational tracks for A&P educators,

  • produce a set of HAPS-I courses to fill those tracks, and

  • create a certificate that shows proficiency in teaching A&P.


The ultimate goal is to develop a system for improving the ability of A&P educators to teach their subjects and improve their own knowledge and skill sets.

Thanks to the generous support of our President’s Initiative Sponsors:



HAPS Institute offers working Anatomy & Physiology instructors the opportunity to earn graduate credit or professional development in a variety of flexible formats.  We have recruited instructors to design and offer these courses within our Institute.  The goal of this President’s Initiative is to create curricular tracks and populate them with courses useful to A&P instructors, both new and veteran.

Four tracks are being developed:

  • Educational: Courses that train educators in various educational skills, such as writing quality exams, learning how to synthesize a chapter into a lecture, and dealing with various student issues.

  • Research: Courses that show educators how to develop educational research, apply statistics and analysis to their work, and the basics of getting published.

  • Technology: Courses that introduce different technical forms of content presentation, such as dissection, microscopy, and case studies.

  • Topical: Courses that focus on a specific organ system or specific disease process will still be developed and offered.

The President’s Initiative proposes the following actions:


Recruit instructors to develop courses within the four tracks.  The instructors would be paid to create the courses and offer them at least once through HAPS-Institute, as is already done.  After the course has been shown to be successful, HAPS-I will offer to buy the course content.  From that point forward, HAPS-I can employ the original course author or another instructor to teach the course (ensuring that the course can be repeated in the future).


Align the HAPS-I course offerings with the 2016 Annual HAPS Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  The theme for that conference will be “Education, Research, & Technology”.  The conference planning committee is developing a multi-track schedule that will focus seminars, posters, and workshops on these three tracks. The HAPS-I courses will be able to parallel that theme very easily.


Development of a HAPS-Institute Certificate of Completion.  When an educator completes a HAPS-I course within each of the four tracks, he or she will receive a certificate of completion.