President's Initiative Program

About the President’s Initiative Program

The President’s Initiative program ran from 2013-2016 and was an opportunity for interested sponsors to support the HAPS incoming President’s proposal to move the organization forward by focusing efforts on a single, defined project within the President’s area of expertise.  

The HAPS President’s Initiative was a 2-year project conceptualized by the President with milestones to be initiated during that President’s term and completed by the time s/he finishes her term as Past President.  The goal of this program was to keep HAPS moving quickly to respond to critical needs while at the same time to capitalize on the specific skills and interests of the incoming HAPS President.  While other long-term goals are maintained, this program allowed sponsors and HAPS leadership to accomplish fast-acting goals together while developing working relationships that endure.

2013-2015 - Valerie O'Loughlin - Expanding A&P Educational Research in HAPS

2014-2016 - Tom Lehman - Creating a HAPS Curriculum of Educational Courses

McGraw-Hill Education has been a proud sponsor of the HAPS President’s Initiative Program continuously since 2013. 


We partner around the world with students, educators, administrators and other professionals to deliver engaging, adaptive and personalized solutions that improve performance and deliver positive results.  We combine proven, research-based content with the best emerging digital technologies to guide assessment, teaching and learning to achieve the best possible outcome for students, instructors and institutions. 


As such, we are excited to support the HAPS President’s Initiative as the leading effort to develop and promote excellence in Anatomy and Physiology education.

McGraw-Hill is a founding sponsor of the President's Initiative.

Wiley, was first established as a publisher in 1807 during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson.  As a valued source of information and understanding for more than 200 years, Wiley content, products, and services help researchers, professionals, educators and students around the world meet their needs and fulfill their aspirations.  Peter Booth Wiley, our current Chairman, represents the seventh generation of Wiley family leadership.  At Wiley, we believe that we are responsible to the communities in which we live and work, as well as those we serve.  Supporting research and education is one of the primary areas of corporate citizenship that we embrace.  The sponsorship of the HAPS President’s Initiative well aligns with our primary business priorities and activities.  To learn more about Wiley’s commitment to anatomy and physiology education and the opportunities and activities of the Wiley Faculty Network, please visit our anatomy and physiology showcase site.  Wiley looks forward to continued partnership with HAPS in developing the best practices and essential knowledge that help teachers teach and students learn.   

Wiley is a founding sponsor of the President's Initiative and has supported the President's Initiative program continuously since 2013.