Laboratory Instructor Survey Results

In 2014, the Curriculum and Instruction committee concluded a survey of instructors for introductory undergraduate-level course sequences in human anatomy and physiology for the nursing and allied health student. The survey examined the general demographics of the instructors and institutions, and described the current laboratory practices used in instruction. The survey also captured the participant’s views on the goals of the laboratory experience and whether these goals can be met in the distance learning environment.

With the support of ADInstruments, the survey was repeated in 2017 by David Brashinger, the primary author of the 2014 report.  The dataset from 2017 was substantially larger than the 2014 dataset.

The results of both surveys are available in the file gallery at the bottom of this page.
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Access to the primary data set is restricted as contains names, email addresses, and file attachments that may be considered proprietary to the survey participant or their institution.

Lab Instructor Survey Results

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