HAPS Exam timeline and refund schedule

HAPS Exam request and preparation timeline

14 business days before exam:
     Order and schedule request completed
     Exam payment completed
     Student roster upload completed
     Final cancellations communicated to HAPS office

Seven business days before exam
     SEB loaded to all exam computers
     bookmark .seb file verified for local access

Three business days before exam
     All tech support questions resolved
     Additional support before exam not guaranteed

Refund schedule

     Up to 14 business days before exam - full refund
     13 to four business days before exam - 50% refund
     Three or fewer business days before exam - no refund

Reschedule of paid exams.
     $25 fee for any reschedule, plus an additional $6 for each rescheduled exam

Rescheduled exams must be administered within 14 business days of the originally scheduled/requested exam.

[Business days = Monday through Friday, excluding national holidays]