Download the 2019 app


Don't have a smartphone or tablet**?  Many of the features are included in the Web Version of the app (most app features are included).

** iPad users, please go to the bottom of this page for special instructions.


ACTIVITY STREAM – This is the social media-type feed of all the comments.  This will be fun to watch and will be projected in the exhibits hall.

PEOPLE – This is everyone who has registered within the app.  If you meet someone new, go here and put a check next to his or her name and you’ll have all the contact info for followup later!

SCHEDULE – Day-by-day of everything that is happening at HAPS 2019.  When you click on event, you will have the option to RATE and COMMENT the event and you can even make your own PERSONAL SCHEDULE

PRESENTERS – Searchable list of all presenters – makes it easy to find friends or people whose workshops you want to attend.  Poster first authors also include the poster title.

LOTS MORE INFO – Not kidding – LOTS more info.  This tab has LOADS OF SUBSECTIONS with all kinds of great information – everything from maps of HAPS regions to Committee meeting info.

GPS MAP – The is a map of Portland that has all the buildings we are using at the University of Portland marked, the convention center, and your GPS location.  Great for getting around and making it back home!

EXHIBITORS – All our wonderful exhibitors and their contact info.  

NEWS AND UPDATES – This section is will contain all changes to the program.  Cancellations, move rooms, etc.  This will be particularly useful during the workshops when things can change quickly. Be sure to scroll to the bottom - your event may have been cancelled yesterday!

HAPS LEADERSHIP – Names and photos of all board members, steering committee chairs, and staff.

UNIVERSITY OF PORTLAND MAP – This is a link to the interactive University of Portland web-based map

HOMETOWNS MAP – Ever wondered where everyone is coming from?  This map shows the hometowns of HAPSters at the Annual.  New this year - let us know how you like it!

TWITTER – This is a direct link you the HAPS 2019 twitter feed.  If you want, you can set up the Activity Feed to cross post to Twitter and lots of other social media.


iPad Users:

Most iPads are set by default to not download apps that are optimized for iPhones.  This is because they are set for a smaller screen with different dimensions and sometimes that looks bad on an iPad.  The HAPS 2018 works just fine on an iPad, though, so go ahead and use it!

1) Go to the app store on your iPad 
2) Search for "HAPS 2019"
3) You will get a message that "There are no results for "HAPS 2019".
4) In the upper left corner there is a drop down that says "iPad Only" - choose that and change it to "iPhone Only"
5) Choose the app and download as normal.  Then go have fun at the HAPS 2019 Annual Conference!