Student Grants

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Proposals that support, but are not limited to the following suggested purposes, such as tuition award/fees to enable students to enroll in upper level courses within the realm of anatomy and/or physiology outside of their home institution, research-oriented activities (e.g., short-term [1-2 semesters] independent research projects, working with scientists in public or private research laboratories), internships, attendance at workshops to provide students the opportunity to network with possible prospective mentors in anatomy and/or physiology. 

1. completion of, or currently enrolled in, in an anatomy and/or physiology course taught by a HAPS faculty member.
2. a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point scale
3. possess a positive, open attitude towards learning as judged by the sponsoring faculty member.

Reimburse expenses up to $250

Following completion of the project, grant recipients are encouraged to present their project results in the form of a workshop or poster session at the next Annual Conference or present the results in an article in the HAPS Educator