HAPS Social Media Policy

While HAPS encourages the spread of useful information through social media, the society also supports and enforces a formal opt-out model of social media during our meetings. If you want to ensure that your presentation is not shared on social media, please add the appropriate image (no facebook/twitter/LinkedIn/etc. or no photographs) prominently on your poster or on every slide that should not be photographed or shared.

If the desire is to have the entire presentation be banned from sharing, the appropriate image (downloadable below) should appear on each one of your presentation slides. If you wish to highlight your talk, include your social media handle in your presentation so that credit may be more easily given to you.

For any violations, we encourage presenters to first ask that social media posts be taken down. If this interaction is not possible, or if the posts are not removed in a timely fashion (within 24 hours), presenters should contact the Executive Director, Peter English. Recurrent violators of this policy may be barred from future meetings.

Additionally, attendees should adhere to these best practices for social media usage at scientific meetings:

  • If you are sharing information about a presentation, include those handles and links to the presenter's webpage or publications.
  • Differentiate your opinion from statements by presenter.
  • Be polite. All posts should be conversational, professional, and collaborative. Critiques should be limited and will be better received through more personal forms of communication.
  • Always be respectful of a presenter's wishes to opt-out of photographs and social media.
  • Do not share images that may include proprietary data. Images of presenters with their title slides are a good way to advertise your enthusiasm for a presentation without accidentally sharing data. 


Social media images to download

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
No social media image PNG (52 KB) Administration 2/25/2020
No photography image PNG (33.4 KB) Administration 2/25/2020