Safety Committee

The purpose of the HAPS Safety Committee is to support and facilitate the awareness of safety in the human anatomy and physiology laboratory. The committee also works towards promotion of general safety measures to ensure a protected working and learning environment.

The committee is charged with reviewing, updating, and crafting changes to the HAPS Safety Guidelines. Furthermore, it provides a forum for publication of safety-related issues through the Spotlight on Safety and Safety Case Studies on the HAPS website.

What we do:

Members of the committee actively support safety awareness at all educational levels and promote health, safety, and security of resources.

We provide HAPS member with resources regarding:

·       Safe disposal of dissection specimens

·       Storage and disposal of chemicals

·       Protocols for working with body fluids

·       Students Safety contract

·       Safety for students with special needs

·       How to store biological specimens and histology slides

·       First aid kit content

·       Basic Safety equipment for the laboratories

We are looking for committee members, so if you are interested in helping contact the committee chair

Contact Committee Chair