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Why you should be a member of HAPS:

HAPS is the most vibrant and committed community of A&P instructors in the world.  Come join us and find support and community in becoming a more knowledgable, skilled, and invigorated A&P instructor.  We have a variety of resources available to members, a community of scholars providing active support to each other, and regular regional and national meetings where members get together and share what you know and learn what you don't know yet.  

Some of the members-only resources include:

  • A discussion group that has evolved from the legendary HAPS listserv (HAPS-L) that has the most interesting conversations in A&P.  Have a question?  Chances are that it will be answered within hours.  Have a really hard question?  Chances are it will get 20 replies by the end of the day.  Many of the top authors in A&P are active participants, as are many of the top instructors in the country.
  • An inclusive leadership that promotes member participation and growth.  You don't have to be a HAPS member for decades to join committees and move into leadership positions.
  • Immediate access to new editions of the peer-reviewed HAPS Educator, which is published online three times per year. Articles cover various topics important to A&P instructors.
  • Reduced rate membership with the American Anatomical Association that includes online access to Anatomical Sciences Education (ASE)a Medline-indexed journal that publishes articles related to all levels of anatomical sciences education including undergraduate, allied health, medical (both allopathic and osteopathic), dental, graduate and post-graduate programs, and covers the major disciplines of the anatomical sciences
  • Reduced tuition for HAPS Institute (HAPS-I) courses.  Courses can either earn graduate-level credit or professional development certificates.  Courses are primarily all online and offer flexibility for busy professional instructors to fit the courses into their schedules.  Take a look at the currently available courses here
  • Access to a huge array of nationally respected teaching resources.  Take a look here.
  • A set of comprehensive safety guidelines that is continually updated.
  • A growing catalog of guided inquiry activities for teaching A&P for members only.
  • A members-only data sharing program to provide a large, curated dataset for teaching labs and classroom analysis.
  • Comprehensive catalog of Learning Outcomes available to members
  • Access to the Histology Challenge - biweekly histology slides and discussion.  Nearly 100 previous challenges available - many use these to sharpen their own skills and also for student assignments. 
  • Grants and scholarships for travel and research available to members only.  We want you to join and come to conferences, and we help those in our community who need help to make it happen.
  • Cadaver lab tours and lab reconstruction advice (both in webpages and from HAPS members if you ask...)

HAPS also works to make teaching better with:
  • Extensive work on clarifying faculty accreditation issues, including a set of tools for faculty and institutions to use to help clarify instructor qualifications.
  • Nationally respected Position Statements on Animal Use, Cadaver Use, and Distance Education.  Take a look all of them here. 
  • More than a decade of work producing the HAPS Comprehensive Exam.  A fully online exam used both in the US and Internationally to characterize Instructors, Programs, and individual students.  
  • Updated Learning Goals for Undergraduate instruction in all content areas in anatomy and physiology
  • A weekly curated set of links relevant news for 9 interest areas of A&P instruction known as Whats New in A&P that is used in classrooms across the country.
  • An active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ (see the links in the upper right corner of this page) to keep in touch with members and the wider community.
  • Check out HAPSblog for longer term discussions like Erin's year teaching A&P in a Houston high school or Wendy's amazing series on flipping her classroom one week at a time.

All of these combine to make HAPS the most welcoming and useful membership organization for an A&P teaching professional.  Come to a regional meeting or an annual conference and you will feel the benefits in ways that you can't imagine.  Join the listserv and see how the community rallies around instructors who need help or advice.  Tremendous knowledge can come in the form of helpful and warm people, and that is HAPS.  Whether you are in the US or abroad, take a moment to join and then Learn, Discover and Share.


You can save 5% on 3-year Regular membership ($310) or 10% on 5-year Regular membership ($500) and 5% on 3-year Contingent membership ($260) or 10% on 5-year Contingent membership ($405).

Regular member $110/year
Contingent Faculty (definition) $90/year
High School Teacher $90/year
Undergraduate student (Requires proof.) $20/year
Graduate student (Requires proof.)
Post-doc (Requires proof.)  $40/year
Retired Faculty $55/year


Institutional Membership - (3 or more members) have a 5% discount for regular and contingent faculty memberships. 

Emeritus Membership - HAPS members who have maintained membership for 10 or more years immediately prior to retiring at the age of 65 or older are eligible to be Emeritus Members.  Such members have lifetime free membership in HAPS and retain all voting privileges.  Younger faculty who are forced to retire due to health reasons may also qualify - send a note to and explain your circumstances.

The Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) is open to anyone interested in Anatomy & Physiology Education, and currently includes over 1,700 members from high schools, two and four year colleges, universities, and private businesses from the United States, Canada and throughout the world. New members are always welcome!

If you prefer a paper option to join or renew, please use the forms below.

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For questions on joining or renewing your membership, please contact at or give us a call at 1-800-448-4277. Thanks!