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Laboratory Data Collection and Sharing Amongst Post-Secondary Institutions


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One method to increase undergraduate student interest in data collection and analysis is to collect and share their own physiological measurements with students from other institutions.  Sharing data could result in a larger pool of data for under-represented groups which may include students in higher age categories, smokers, elite-level athletes and possibly even males. 

There are three different spreadsheets to choose from:

·      EKG – heart rate, PR interval, P wave duration, QRS duration, T wave duration (before and after exercise)

·      Heart Rate and Blood pressure (systolic and diastolic ) before and after exercise

·      Spirometry – respiration rate, tidal volume, inspiratory reserve, expiratory reserve, vital capacity, FEV1, FVC (before and after exercise)

All three include the following demographic parameters – gender  and age which are mandatory as well as ethnicity, BMI, waist circumference, activity level, and smoker which are optional.

Any equipment for physiological data collection can be used.  There is a column for inputting the type of equipment such as Vernier with Logger Pro, BioPac, iWorks, etc.  

Contact Julie Dais to receive your private Google Docs spreadsheet for your institution.  You do not need to be a HAPS member to do this.

Basic statistical analyses can be performed on the data collected using MS Excel.  Data analysis will help determine if there are any significant differences before and after exercise or based on demographics (eg. male vs. female).  Data analysis templates are available along with instructions on how to perform these analyses and how to interpret the results.  If you have questions or comments about the data analysis, you can contact Erin Radomske.

Periodically the data submitted by the various participating colleges will be “curated” or further examined for erroneous results and moved to an Excel file on this page.  However, to access this file of group data, you need to be a HAPS Member.

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Lab Data project guidelines and templates

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Lab Data Sharing Directions for Instructors PDF (117.22 KB) Administration 4/11/2014
Instructions for Adding Data Analysis ToolPak PDF (345.79 KB) Administration 4/11/2014
Instructions for Comparing Paired Scores PDF (498.66 KB) Administration 4/11/2014
Instructions for Comparing Means PDF (466.79 KB) Administration 4/11/2014
Template for Compare Paired Scores XLSX (12.53 KB) Administration 4/11/2014
Template To Compare Means of 2 Groups XLSX (12.75 KB) Administration 4/11/2014