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The Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) is open to anyone interested in Anatomy & Physiology Education, and currently includes over 1,700 members from high schools, two and four year colleges, universities, and private businesses from the United States, Canada and throughout the world. New members are always welcome!

What You Get!

The commitment of HAPS members to quality teaching has led HAPS to undertake a number of projects including:

  • A listserv (HAPS-L) that provide a members' forum for sharing expertise and experiences to promote excellence in the teaching of human anatomy and physiology.  
  • The publication of the HAPS-EDucator, which is published online four times per year. Articles cover various topics important to A&P instructors, including national trends in education and teaching tips.
  • Special reduced rate membership with the American Anatomical Association that includes online access to Anatomical Sciences Education (ASE), a Medline-indexed journal that publishes articles related to all levels of anatomical sciences education including undergraduate, allied health, medical (both allopathic and osteopathic), dental, graduate and post-graduate programs, and covers the major disciplines of the anatomical sciences
  • HAPS Institute (HAPS-I) courses, a graduate credit program, offers short biology courses in a variety of flexible formats for those teaching human anatomy and physiology. Credit is granted through Alverno College (Milwaukee, WI). Courses include topics that are often considered to be challenging to understand, challenging to learn, and challenging to teach
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology Society Position Statements on Animal Use, Cadaver Use, and Distance Education
  • A comprehensive anatomy and physiology exam, available in both online and paper versions.
  • A newly revised edition of Course Guidelines for Undergraduate Instruction of Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • A grant and scholarship program for anatomy and physiology students and instructors
  • Updated Learning outcomes for all content areas in anatomy and physiology
  • A comprehensive safety manual dealing with all aspects of the A&P lab experience
  • Access to resources for teaching Anatomy and Physiology, including Histology, example syllabi, tips to teaching online, and much more.
  • Many useful resources are found on our 'Members' Only' Web site, such as our 'A&P Software List', 'A&P Data Acquisiton Equipment' page, and our 'How to Build a Cadaver Lab' page

The annual HAPS national conference, regional conferences, HAPS-Institute courses and the HAPS-EDucator provide members with an important means of updating their knowledge, improving technical and pedagogical skills, investigating new technologies for the laboratory and classroom, and, perhaps most importantly, networking with a growing international contingent of peers.To register online, use the register feature on the HAPS homepage.

If you prefer a paper option to join or renew, please use the forms below.

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Regular (full-time faculty) $110/year
Contingent Faculty (definition) $90/year
High School Teacher $90/year
Retired Faculty (If you've been a member of HAPS for 10 years prior to retirement, you are eligible for emeritus status! Contact the HAPS Office for more information.)
Post-doc (requires proof) $40/year
Graduate Student (requires proof) $30/year
Undergraduate Student (requires proof) $20/year

All membership fees are in US dollars. You can save 5% on 3-year Regular membership ($310) or 10% on 5-year Regular membership ($500). You can save 5% on 3-year Contingent membership ($260) or 10% on 5-year Contingent membership ($405).Institutional memberships (3 or more members) have a 5% discount for regular and contingent faculty members.

For questions on joining or renewing your membership, please contact at or at 1-800-448-4277. Thanks!