Come join us on HAPSblog !

The HAPS blog site has been created to promote HAPS members sharing personal accounts of topics relevant to the HAPS membership and the larger community. We invite everyone to join in the conversation and become part of the
community If you are an active HAPS member, you can become a blogger on HAPSblog in just a few easy steps: 

1) Think up a topic that will be interesting to HAPS members. Topics that are likely to be interesting include the story of your first year teaching, integrating new methods in the classroom with real-time evaluation of how it is going, a multi-part series on a specific topic ranging from teaching to testing to building a new lab.  

If your topic is a series of posts not tied to an external timeline, we prefer that you have a minimum of 5 posts planned for your series. Single articles may be better suited for submission to HAPS-ED, the quarterly journal published by HAPS. 

 2) Define the time period that you are willing to commit to being a blogger. For activities mapped to an academic calendar, this might be one semester or an entire academic year. We prefer weekly installments or more frequent, so please consider this in defining your time period. 

 3) Propose your topic and timeframe in a short email to the HAPS executive director. Include your level of experience with blogging or general familiarity with web tools (we can train anyone, we just want to know where you are right now). You will hear back in a few days and should be all set up for blogging within a week. 

4) Sign and return HAPS blogger terms of use.  

5) Start blogging!