The HAPS-Thieme Excellence in Teaching Award

12/21/2018 - we received word from Thieme today that they have decided to withdraw their support for the HAPS community, and as part of their desire to no longer participate in the HAPS community they have withdrawn the Thieme Excellence in Teaching Award.  There will be no Thieme scholarship awarded at the 2019 Annual Conference, and no applications are being accepted. 

Thieme Publishers and the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS) are proud to be working together to provide an Award for Excellence in Teaching to a deserving A&P instructor.  This is part of a larger partnership between Thieme and HAPS that includes all HAPS members and their students now receiving a 30% discount on all Theime products.

Click on the link below to nominate the best teacher you know.  You can type the reasons for your nomination directly into the online application, but you will also need to submit a CV and a letter from the nominee stating that he/she understands that the award requires the recipient to attend the General Meeting give a workshop presentation at the HAPS Annual Conference in May.

Award: Cash award of $1500.  Annual Conference registration fee is waived.  

Due January 4, 2019

Nominations are allowed from Instructors who must be:
1. An instructor or administrator at an accredited institution in the US or Canada
2. Have at least two years of A&P (broadly defined, including Anatomy only or Physiology only) teaching experience or administrative experience
3. Must have direct knowledge of the instructor being nominated and be able to explain why the nominee deserves this award.
Nominated instructor must:
1. Be teaching an A&P course (broadly defined, including Anatomy only or Physiology only) in the current academic year with an expectation that he/she will continue as an A&P instructor going forward.
2. Be a HAPS member in good standing on the due date of the application.
3. Be an exemplary teacher
Award recipients will receive their award at the HAPS General Membership Meeting at the HAPS Annual Meeting in May and must be present.

Award recipients will give the "HAPS-Thieme Award for Excellence in Teaching Workshop" at the HAPS Annual Conference Workshop Sessions in May.