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Spring 2019

Lab Course in Cardiac Physiology
(1 credit) January 8 - January 29, 2019
Patrick Eggena, M.D. 
Novateur Medmedia LLC
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In this course participants review basic concepts in cardiovascular physiology by conducting laboratory experiments on themselves or supervising experiments performed by their students. Upon completion of these experiments, HAPS Professors email their observations to Dr. Eggena who organizes them in preparation for weekly discussions held on Tuesdays from 3-4 pm EST in Google Hangouts internet classroom. HAPS Professors may send only one set of experimental results by email to Dr. Eggena each week, and the HAPS Professor will be the spokesperson for her/his students during the weekly meetings. In these weekly meetings the lab exercises are related to clinical case scenarios from Dr. Eggena's iBook series, "Cardiac Physiology as a Country Doc". This course will prepare HAPS Professors to present a laboratory course in Cardiac Physiology at their institutions independent of Dr. Eggena.