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Summer 2020

Clinical Correlates in Physiology
(1 credit)
July 15 -  August 15, 2020
Patrick Eggena, M.D.
Novateur Medmedia, LLC
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This course supplements the physiology of the heart, lung, and kidneys taught to pre-medical and nursing students by HAPS professors. In this course students are asked to put themselves in the role of a country doctor who is solving practical medical problems using this knowledge. This course reviews, integrates, and applies these basic principles in physiology. The philosophy of this course is that graphic essays are easier to grade than written essays and are better indicators of integration of knowledge than multiple choice exams. Therefore, in this course, exams are structured so that questions are answered with graphs and drawings. In his lectures Dr. Eggena demonstrates with sketches, block diagrams, graphs, and equations how to answer essay questions in physiology. The students learn to visualize the problems and how to explain complex physiological processes in graphic form. A pool of 16 questions concerning the most important physiological topics is listed in the syllabus. Students practice for the exam by drawing answers to all 16 questions. Any four of these questions are then chosen by Dr. Eggena for a 2-hour proctored graphic essay exam.

Teaching Modules in Cardiovascular Physiology
(3 credit)
July 20 -  August 20, 2020
Patrick Eggena, M.D.
Novateur Medmedia, LLC
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This course is primarily for HAPS professors who teach cardiovascular physiology in medical and osteopathic schools or in colleges offering nurse practitioner programs. The course consists of 76 modules, each with a video clip and a graphic essay question. Participants use these modules to supplement their lecture series or to assemble a new elective at their institutions. After reviewing the video clips on a HAPS website, participants use these modules to tailor teaching programs appropriate for students at their institutions. The link to this website will remain active for registered participants to use after successful completion of this course. For example, participants may choose certain video clips on EKGs, offer a tutorial for students who have under performed on their physiology final or failed Part I of the National Boards, or propose a new elective in "Physiologic Diagnosis". Participants assemble their teaching modules and submit their proposals to Dr. Eggena for review and comments. Should participants offer an elective in "Physiologic Diagnosis" at their institutions Dr. Eggena, if asked, will serve as their co-course director and, as such, provide and grade the graphic essay exam associated with this course.