HAPS-I Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you want to participate in a HAPS-I course?

  • You want to become a more effective teacher 
  • You want to brush up on a particular topic
  • You want documented credit for your professional development experience
  • You want access to expert faculty, presenters, and top-notch resources
  • You want to strengthen your credentials in teaching A&P
  • You want to improve chances for funding travel to a HAPS Conference
  • You want to show students that you care about learning
  • You want to learn new ways to teach the topics of A&P
  • You want the opportunity to contribute to a peer-reviewed publication that features teaching modules developed by course participants like yourself
  • You want to enhance your portfolio for professional advancement

What courses are available from HAPS-I?

Check the current list of courses for availability. Click on each course title to find out about faculty, topics covered, format, and schedule.  The menu at the top of this page will take you to the list of current courses.

Does each HAPS-I course cover ALL aspects of its listed topic?

No. Each HAPS-I course covers selected topics, often those considered especially interesting or especially troublesome to understand or to teach. Thus, a "renal biology" course may focus on nephron physiology and integrative functions rather than on gross anatomy of the kidney.

Please consult the syllabus for details before enrolling in a course. For details not mentioned in the syllabus, please contact the faculty of each course (listed in the syllabus).

What is the format for HAPS-I courses?

Our courses are increasingly fully online with weekly assignments.  Courses typically require preliminary guided reading and/or discussion assignments, and creation/review/publication of an academic paper or similar project.  Some courses require participation in group activities at a conference or workshop and include pre- or post-conference online discussions.  See the individual course descriptions and proposed syllabi for more information.

Is credit awarded for HAPS-I courses?

Yes! All courses are eligible for graduate-level biology credit.  You can choose to not receive this credit if you want - see below.

How are HAPS-I courses graded?

Our courses follow grading policies on a "credit / no credit" basis. Like many progressive graduate programs, HAPS-I does not use letter grades in our courses. However, a "credit" grade is equivalent to a letter grade of B or better.

A "credit" grade is earned by satisfactorily accomplishing a set of specific goals (at a "B" level or better) as outlined in each course syllabus and in the online course material (Blackboard course management system) as determined by the course faculty.

I don't need graduate credit. Can I take a HAPS-I course on a non-credit basis?

Yes, we have a Professional Development option for people who do not need graduate credit.  This will be the same course with the same expectations, you just will not receive credit.  

HAPS already offers many fine noncredit learning opportunities such as Update Seminars, workshops, regional conferences, and more. HAPS-I, on the other hand, offers courses for credit. 

All HAPS-I course participants work for credit and are therefore fully invested in the course's learning community. Participants can rely on one another for substantive support such as peer review and other collaborative efforts. 

Even if you don't need credits for a degree or for professional advancement, you may find that our credit courses are valuable assets for your post-graduate portfolio and CV, so make this decision carefully.  You may not retroactively ask for credit.

How much do HAPS-I courses cost?

The cost of HAPS Institute courses are very competitive at $550 per credit for members wanting graduate credit. Some courses may require other expenditures such as conference registration, travel, lodging, books, meals, or other incidentals.

Professional Development courses are $375 per credit even though you do not get credit - the cost is tied to the credit that would be available. 

Does the HAPS Board of Directors have an Individual Enrollment, Cancellation, and Refund Policy?

Yes! Here it is:

Enrollment in HAPS-I courses occurs when both verified payment and the HAPS-I enrollment/registration form are received and processed by the HAPS office. Enrollment is the only method to reserve a spot in any course. Enrollment materials received after a course is full will be placed in a "wait list" file, without processing payments, until a place becomes available in the course. Persons thus placed in the wait list file will be informed and given the option to withdraw their enrollment. When notified by email, a person moved up from the wait list file has 2 business days to accept the spot and verify payment or the next candidate will be moved up into the place.

If an enrolled person is absent or cannot participate meaningfully in a course, they are encouraged to cancel immediately in writing (letter, fax, or email) to allow a "wait-listed" person to take their place. A full refund may be made to an enrollee if the cancellation is made at least three weeks prior to the online or in-person start date of the course, whichever is earliest. If the cancellation is made less than three weeks prior to the course start date, all course fees except for $150 per credit may be refunded to the enrollee. Cancellations made after the course has officially begun will not receive a refund.

If HAPS-I cancels a course because of lack of sufficient enrollment, or any other reason, full refunds will be made to all enrollees. HAPS-I is not liable for any travel, lodging, or other incidental expenses made by individuals.

Why are no refunds given once the course's start date has arrived?

There are many expenses incurred in each course on behalf of participants. Most, if not all, of these have been paid already by the time the course starts and cannot be recouped by HAPS-I. After the course starts, wait-listed individuals are not usually available to fill the spot. Although you may have very good reasons for not being able to participate, HAPS-I has very good reasons for not being able to refund your fees.

Can I take more than one HAPS-I course at a time?


But keep in mind that HAPS-I courses require a commitment of time and energy appropriate for a graduate-level biology course. As a working professional, you will find it difficult to give full attention to—and receive full benefit from—too many concurrent courses. Please consider your schedule during the entire posted time frame of the course before enrolling in more than one HAPS-I course.

More questions about HAPS-I?  Contact HAPS Main Office at info@hapsconnect.org  or 1-800-448-4277 for questions or concerns related to registration, billing, refunds, conference/lodging information.