HAPS 2013 27th Annual Conference

"Roll the Bones!"

The HAPS 27th Annual Conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 25-30,2013.
Kebret Kebede was the 2013 Annual Conference Coordinator.

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Seminars, Posters, and Exhibits were held at the Mirage Hotel. Update seminars included:

  • "Extreme Makeover - Anatomy Edition: How a paradigm shift in pedagogy re-built and re-tooled anatomy into an essential clinical science at a medical school and undergraduate institution" - Jonathan J. Wisco 
  • "Process oriented guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL): A Student-Centered Approach to Science Instruction" - Richard Moog
  • "Unraveling Mysteries of Hibernation: From Basic Science to Biomedical Applications" - Hannah Carey
  • "Feeding our beneficial microbes: pre- and pro-biotics and gut health" - Maria Marco
  • "Molecular Targeted therapy in hematological malignancies" - Ayalew Tefferi
  • "Translational Anatomy Research, Quo Vadis" - Marios Loukas

Workshops were held at Nevada State College in Henderson, NV



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