HAPS 2012 26th Annual Conference

"Strike a Gusher for A&P!"

The HAPS 26th Annual Conference was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 26 - 31, 2012.
Karen McMahon was the 2012 Annual Conference Coordinator.

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Seminars, Posters, and Exhibits were held at the Hyatt Regency Tulsa. Update seminar included:

  • "You're Only as Old as Your Arteries: The Translational Physiology of Vascular Aging" - Douglas R. Seals
  • "The New Face of Anatomy: Changing Curricula and Innovative Technologies Provide New Opportunities" - Jeffrey T. Laitman
  • "Valuing the Cadaver and its Dissection from a Patient-Centered Perspective: A New Emphasis in the 21st Century Education of Medical Students" - Todd R. Olson
  • "The Role of Glutamate in Peripheral Pain Mechanisms" - Kenneth E. Miller
  • "Mapping the Neural Systems Underlying Conceptual Representation of Food" - W. Kyle Simmons
  • "E. Coli and Friends: Dynamics of the Intestinal Microbial Community" - Tyrrell Conway
  • "The Molecular Evolution of Opioid Receptors" - Craig W. Stevens

Workshops were sponsored by The University of Tulsa.


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