HAPS 2010 24th Annual Conference

"Rocky Mountain Inspiration"

The HAPS 24th Annual Conference was held in Denver, Colorado on May 29 - June 3, 2010.
Terry Harrison was the 2010 Annual Conference Coordinator

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Seminar, Posters, and Exhibits were held at the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center. Update seminars included:

  • "Neurosurgery in the 21st Century" - Alan Villavicencio
  • "Forensic Anthropology, Human vs. Non-Human" - Diane France
  • "Motor Performance at Altitude: Influence of Cerebral Hypoxia" - Andrew Subudhi
  • "Anatomy-Teacher Scholar Program at the University of Utah, School of Medicine" - Kurt H. Albertine
  • "The Visible Human Revisited - Anatomical Visualization and Medical Procedure Simulation" - Victor Spitzer
  • "Teaching Undergraduates the Basal Ganglia Circuits" - Tod Clapp
  • "What Can You Learn about the Cardiovascular System by Studying Rhythms in Sympathetic Nerve Activity?" - Susan Barman

Workshops were held at Arapahoe Community College



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