Fundraising Committee

Donations to HAPS are tax-deductible contributions to projects that support a variety of HAPS initiatives to support A&P teachers and enhance the quality of human A&P instruction.

Why donate?

Every year, the HAPS Board of Directors awards grants to deserving HAPS members, develops new learning tools like the learning outcomes, and supports teams working on new initiatives like new HAPS Exams. One way we fund these initiatives is through donations, and now the time has come to increase the savings that make these investments possible.

How much of a donation is needed?

We recognize that educators don’t earn Wall Street salaries! Whatever level of support you can provide is sincerely appreciated. We know that if all our members can donate at some level each year, together we will empower HAPS to support the HAPS mission – to promote excellence in the teaching of human anatomy and physiology. Please make a donation today on our website.

About the Committee

The Committee organizes fundraising activities.   If you would like to discuss joining the committee and helping in this important work, contact the chair.

Contact Committee Chair