Full-time Faculty Travel Award
The deadline to apply for this award is January 3, 2020.



To encourage full-time faculty who have taught anatomy and physiology for more than five years to network with other seasoned professionals by attending and making a presentation at the HAPS Annual Conference in May.


1.  Applicants must be full-time faculty members who have taught anatomy and physiology for more than five years.

2.  Applicants must be HAPS members in good standing at the time of application.

3.  Award winners must attend the HAPS Annual Conference and participate in the entire conference.  Conference dates can be found on the HAPS website.

4.  Award winners must present a workshop at the HAPS Annual Conference. The deadline for submitting your workshop proposal can be found on the HAPS website.  

5.  Applicants must submit an online application, using the link above.  No late applications are accepted.

6.  A letter of recommendation from an appropriate administrator, colleague, or mentor must also be submitted by the deadline.  

  • For additional information regarding who may write a recommendation and what should be included in that letter refer to Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation.

  • The person writing the recommendation should send it directly to recommendation_letters@hapsconnect.org with “Full-time Faculty Award” on the subject line.   


The registration fee for the HAPS Annual Conference will be paid.  In addition, a check for $400 will be given during the Annual General Membership Meeting at the HAPS Annual Conference, as partial reimbursement of travel costs to attend the conference.