The Sam Drogo Technology In The Classroom Award

In September 2010, HAPS lost a great friend. Our colleague Sam Drogo died shortly after doing one of the things he loved the most-teaching a lab full of Anatomy and Physiology students.

Sam’s death has left an empty space at Mohawk Valley Community College, his home institution for over three decades. It has also left an empty space in HAPS. Sam was a long-time, devoted HAPS member, an active participant in the development of the HAPS Comprehensive A&P Exam, and a consistent proponent of the use of technology in the classroom and laboratory.

In Sam’s honor, ADInstruments established the Sam Drogo Technology in the Classroom Award. This is an annual award for a HAPS member who demonstrates the innovative use of technology to engage undergraduates in Human Anatomy and Physiology. The award is intended to encourage recipients to present a workshop at the HAPS Annual Conference on this innovative technology or on the use of technology in the classroom or laboratory. ADInstruments has committed to funding this award for five years, but has done so for far longer.
Sam was a wonderful man. This award is a fitting tribute to him and we look forward to implementing it. Our thanks to ADInstruments for their generosity and our lasting thanks to Sam as colleague, mentor and teacher.

Award: Up to $500 to attend the Annual meeting of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society.  Three awards are available, all sponsored by ADInstruments.

Applicants must:
1. Be a member in good standing of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS);
2. Be actively engaged in teaching anatomy and physiology at the undergraduate level;
3. Provide a short description of the experiment or activity that exemplifies innovative use of technology in anatomy and physiology education;
4. Provide a brief explanation of how this experiment or activity can be integrated into the curriculum to best benefit students;
5. Provide a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s Department Chair or appropriate Administrator;
6. Provide a copy of a current resume or curriculum vitae.
HAPS and ADInstruments strongly encourage award recipients to conduct a workshop featuring technology in education innovations at the HAPS Annual Meeting. 
Award Criteria:
1. Demonstration of innovation in education featuring technology that the educator has previously implemented (80%). To satisfy this criterion, the applicant may provide information such as:
a. How he/she has tried innovative technologies and evaluated their success;
b. How he/she has shared or proposes to share successful techniques with colleagues via presentations, publications or other submissions;
c. How he/she has used innovative technologies to create student-centered, inquiry-based approaches that incorporates assessment of learning;
d. How he/she has used technology to effectively enhance learning.
2. Support from home institution (20%): Does the applicant’s Department Chair or Equivalent Administrator support the educator’s innovation and pursuit of excellence in teaching, as indicated in a letter of support? 
Three Sam Drogo awards are funded by ADInstruments.