2015 President’s Medal was presented by President Tom Lehman to. . .

Don Kelly


Don Kelly (left) receives the President's Medal from HAPS President Tom Lehman (right) at the
HAPS Annual Membership meeting.

The President’s Medal is a prestigious award given each year to a HAPS member who has provided exemplary service to our organization.  I am pleased to report that Don Kelly was presented with the HAPS President’s Medal at the 2015 Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Don has been a HAPS member since 2002 and his enthusiasm has been in high gear ever since.  He has presented a number of workshops at conferences and served on such committees as Animal Use Committee, Nominating Committee, and Foundation Oversight Committee.  For the Foundation Oversight Committee, he has done a fantastic job of developing an evaluation schedule, building scholarship review teams, and creating evaluation rubrics.

Don served as President of HAPS in 2011-2012, leading us through the selection of a new executive director, upgrade of our online presence, and expansion of the HAPS Foundation through scholarships and grants.  Don has created an incredible executive director review process that has assisted the Board and will continue to assist it for years to come.

Don is the quintessential HAPS member, excited to meet new people and reacquaint with old friends each year.  He always has time to share a story, toast a beer, and introduce a first-timer to a committee chair during the Scavenger Hunt.  You can tease him about his cell phone proficiency, but he’ll always smile and have a sharp yet friendly comment in return.

It is my honor and my pleasure to bestow Don Kelly with the 2015 HAPS President’s Medal.

Tom Lehman