HAPS Discussion Groups home

HAPS maintains four online groups to facilitate communication among members.

The HAPS Discussion group (also known as HAPS-L and before that as "the listserv") is the place where the most interesting conversations in A&P are happening.  This discussion group has hundreds of members, is very active, and routinely has some amazingly high level conversations among leaders in the field.  This group was started in 1998 as a listserv, and some still call it that, but it is a modern discussion group with email preferences and a web archive.  The HAPS discussion group is open to all current HAPS members.

HAPS High School Group is open to the public and is a great place to discuss high-school specific topics related to A&P. 

Teaching Portfolios is open to the public and is a place to discuss teaching philosophies, summaries of teaching methods, and other instruction-specific issues.  

Worried about too much email?  See this blog post about how to manage incoming discussion group posts so that they don't overwhelm.

Subscription information is available using the drop down menu above. 

Guidelines to HAPS discussion group conduct are here.