HAPS Comprehensive A&P Exam

The HAPS A&P Examination was established in June 1993 as a standardized assessment instrument for two semester undergraduate courses in Anatomy and Physiology.  It has been continually maintained since that time and has grown into an all-online secure and validated exam.

The intended purpose of the exam is to provide a means for schools to compare their students’ collective performance with the normalized data accumulated from the results of all students that have taken the same exam.  You must be an instructor of a two or four year college or university or a high school educator (teaching a dual-credit course) to order the exam. There are no study guides available for students and instructors are not allowed to take the exam to see the questions.  The exam is comprehensive and follows the distribution of questions provided below.  The HAPS Learning Outcomes are your best source of what material HAPS believes a 2-semester A&P course should cover, but we do have 15 example questions available.

Read the White Paper explaining exam validation

The comprehensive exam is structured as follows:
  • 100 multiple choice questions with 5 answer options each**
  • No negatively styled questions
  • A mixture of lower order (knowledge and comprehension) and higher order (application and analysis) questions
  • Questions mapped to HAPS modules and specific learning outcomes.

Comprehensive Exam Modules:

A -   Body Plan & Organization (2)
B -  Homeostasis (1)
C -  Chemistry and Cell Biology (6)
D -   Histology (3)
E -   Integumentary System (2)
F -   Skeletal System & Articulations (5)
G -  Muscular System (6)
H -   Nervous System (14)
I  -   Special Senses (4)
J -    Endocrine system (6)
K -   Cardiovascular System (14)
L -   Lymphatic System and Immunity (4)
M -  Respiratory System (7)
N -  Digestive System (6)
O -  Metabolism (3)
P -  Urinary System (5)
Q -  Fluid/Electrolytes and Acid/Base Balance (7)
R -  Reproductive System (5)


Exam Fee Structure:

         15-50 exams        $11.95 each
         51-100 exams      $11.50 each
         100+ exams         $11.25 each

     Off-Site Proctoring (ProctorU)
        $36 per exam (Comprehensive exam + proctoring

The minimum order is 15 exams.

If you need fewer than 15 exams because of small class size, please contact the HAPS office (with permission, cost per exam is $13.00). Instructors may not take any HAPS exam to evaluate its content, both for security reasons and to standardize the preparation that all students have before taking the exam. Please see the Exam FAQ for more information.

There are two subsets of the full exam for instructors who want to use the test to evaluate an A&P 1 or A&P 2 course.  See the related page to read more about those versions of the Exam.

The graded portion of this exam consists of 100 questions – all of which have been examined  for reliability.  There may be up to 20 additional questions on this exam that are being examined for use on future HAPS exams.  These pilot questions will not be identified on the exam and will not be used in calculating a student's score.

The legacy paper exam was discontinued in 2014 and is no longer available.

HAPS Exam files

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Example HAPS Exam Questions PDF (407.77 KB) Administration 6/27/2019
HAPS Exam Validation White Paper PDF (290.6 KB) Administration 6/27/2019