Cadaver Use Committee

The purpose of the HAPS Cadaver-Use Committee is to support and facilitate the use of human cadavers in human anatomy and physiology instruction at all educational levels.

This committee is charged with developing, reviewing, and recommending policies and position statements on the use of cadavers for human anatomy and physiology education in colleges, universities and related institutions.

What we do:

We will serve as a resource for HAPS members and science educators who use or who wish to use human cadavers, cadaveric tissue or identifiable cadaveric parts in their courses

We provide HAPS members with resources regarding…

  • Cadaver procurement, use and disposal

  • Facility designs for cadaver laboratories

  • Wetting solutions and chemical use in the lab

  • Suggested standards and/or requirements for the cadaver lab

We are looking for committee members so if you are interested in helping please contact the committee chair!

Members of the committee don't necessarily have to have an operational cadaver lab - you just need to have an interest in using cadavers in the A&P classroom.

Click here to contact the committee chair