The HAPS A&P Learning Outcomes home

The HAPS A&P Learning Outcomes provide a set of goals and learning outcomes for a two-semester course sequence in human anatomy and physiology (A&P) intended to prepare students for a variety of clinical and academic programs.  

The documents in this project can be used as

                      o        benchmark for instructors currently teaching A&P courses

                      o        guide for those developing new courses 

These documents are not intended as a mandate or an infringement upon academic freedom, but rather as a guide for improved student learning.  

 Instructors should realize that they are

o        not required to use every outcome in the tables
o        welcome to include additional outcomes of their own 

Instructors should feel free to cover the outcomes in different orders, or in different places within the course, than where they are presented here.  

HAPS will occasionally review and update the documents of the Anatomy Learning Outcomes. Comments related to the learning outcomes or supporting documents are welcome and may be sent to Curriculum and Instruction Committee chair.

Content modules may be regrouped as desired at different teaching institutions.