Useful Websites for Teaching Anatomy and Physiology

There are a number of websites that are available to aid students in their understanding of anatomy and physiology. The Curriculum and Instruction Committee of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society has compiled a limited list of websites that may be useful in meeting the outcomes as described in the Learning Outcomes documents. The websites are organized as either general A&P websites or by topic as found in the Learning Outcomes Documents. 

General A&P Websites (Those that cover multiple systems) 

A. Sites submitted to the Teaching Wiki

For Specific Modules 

A. Body Plan & Organization 
B. Homeostasis
C. Chemistry & Cell Biology Review 
D. Histology
E. Integumentary System
F. Skeletal System
G. Muscular System
H. Nervous System
I.  Special Senses
J. Endocrine System
K. Cardiovascular System

L. Lymphatic System & Immunity
M. Respiratory System
N. Digestive System 
O. Metabolism
P. Urinary System
Q. Fluid/Electrolyte & Acid/Base Balance
R. Reproductive Systems
S. Introduction to Heredity