HAPS Learning Outcomes

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The HAPS Learning Outcomes are the most comprehensive and widely adopted set of student outcomes available for Human A&P and for Human Anatomy.  Both of these sets of Learning Outcomes were substantially revised in Fall 2019 and are not expected to be revised again before 2029. Physiology learning outcomes are under development and will be released in 2021.  

The HAPS A&P Learning Outcomes reflect the content expected in a typical two-semester Human A&P curriculum at the undergraduate level.  The majority of first semester A&P courses (A&P 1) cover modules A through J, and second semester A&P courses (A&P 2) cover the remaining modules.  There is flexibility in how the first semester and second semester content is divided, and HAPS does not take a position on the order of modules in a curriculum; many different curricular formats can be effective when taught well.

The HAPS Anatomy Learning Outcomes reflect the content expected from a typical one-semester Human Anatomy course at the undergraduate level.  The language, modules, and action verbs are closely aligned with the A&P learning outcomes to make integration across courses easier.

All HAPS Learning Outcomes are available to members in three formats: PDF, Word, and Excel.  We suggest the PDF format for printing, as its formatting should be retained regardless of computing platform.  The Word and Excel formats are made available for HAPS members who wish to use a subset of the Learning Outcomes. 

HAPS Exams for A&P and Anatomy have been created to measure student success in learning the material detailed in the HAPS Learning Outcomes.  HAPS exams are available in two online delivery methods - one delivery method is proctored by faculty at their host institution, while the other exam delivery method is proctored online using the ProctorU service.

HAPS grants members license to use these Learning Outcomes for educational purposes, as long as the licensee is a HAPS member in good standing.  Licensees must properly cite the HAPS Learning Outcomes. Licensing arrangements are available for publishers and other institutions - please contact the HAPS business office for details.


The full list of modules (not all are included in the Anatomy Learning Outcomes):


A: Body Plan & Organization

B: Homeostasis

C: Chemistry & Cell Biology

D: Histology

E: Integumentary System

F: Skeletal System & Articulations

G: Muscular System

H: Nervous System

I: General and Special Senses

J: Endocrine System

K: Cardiovascular System

L: Lymphatic system and immunity

M: Respiratory System

N: Digestive system

O: Nutrients & Metabolism

P: Urinary System

Q: Fluid/Electrolytes & Acid-Base Balance

R: Reproductive System

S: Introduction to Heredity

T: Embryology


A&P Learning Outcomes (Fall 2019 revision)

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Anatomy Learning Outcomes (Fall 2019 revision)

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