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HAPS Institute offers working Anatomy and Physiology instructors the opportunity to earn graduate credits or just gain Professional Development in a variety of flexible formats tailored to their busy schedule.

Our goal is to provide deeper, directed learning experiences for instructors of undergraduate courses in human anatomy and physiology —thus keeping HAPS members at the leading edge of teaching A&P.To meet this goal, we offer specific short courses in topics important in teaching anatomy and/or physiology. HAPS-I is particularly interested in addressing topics that are often perceived to be:

  • challenging to understand,
  • challenging to learn, and
  • challenging to teach.

Most courses have two components: 1) active review of core concepts and integration of recent discoveries and concepts; and 2) exploration of established, new, and emerging methods of teaching and learning in the undergraduate anatomy and/or physiology course.

Course participants are engaged in an interactive learning community of peers who all teach anatomy and/or physiology. Our short courses include both subject-specific content as well as practical teaching and learning methodology. And, each course gives you the opportunity to publish in a peer-reviewed archive of teaching resources.

Opportunities are given to continue participation in a learning community of all HAPS Institute scholars and faculty after a course ends.  Check out HAPS-I course specific collections here

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American Association of Anatomists (AAA)

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American Association of Anatomists (AAA)
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American Society of Microbiology (ASM)
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