Communicate with other HAPSters

HAPS members are continually working together, and HAPS has several tools to facilitate that communication.

The HAPS-L discussion group is the one.  It is a members-only source for everything from lab setup questions to detailed questions about A&P content. Answers come from other HAPS members, including some of the most accomplished people in the field!  We also have more specialized discussion groups for High School, Administrators, and Teaching Portfolios.

HAPSblog is a place to have a longer-term contact with a HAPS blogger.  Bloggers range span the range of HAPS members and have included high school A&P instructors and undergraduate instructors from a variety of institutions.  A fun way to get to know HAPS is to go back and read all the posts from a single blogger.

HAPS Educator is our peer-reviewed journal - the electronic copy is available to all current HAPS members.

Tips for Teaching A&P (Snippets) is a collection of short tips that others have found useful.  It would be great for you to add yours!

HAPS is also active on Facebook and Twitter - like and follow the pages and stay up-to-date on HAPS news.