Career Bank Submission Process


1.  Make payment for submission. 

2.  Click on "Submit Job for Listing".

3.  Fill out the form.  Be sure to include a phone #, an email address, and a URL for the institution.

4. Be sure to include a date in the "Post Until" section, even if the job is "opened until filled".  In that case, include a date, and then re-post the position if it is still open after the date has expired.

5. Click on "Add Job Listing".

6.  The listing will now wait for approval from the HAPS Main Office.  Be sure to email with the subject "Approval of Job Listing", so that they will be sure to expedite the form. 

Directions for submitting a position for public posting on


1. is not responsible for the accuracy of contents or the maintenance of these position announcements.

2.  HAPS reserves the right to edit out portions of the advertisement, as well as change fonts, etc., in order to maintain a consistent style.

3.  Positions that do not include contact information will not be approved.

4.  Please limit yourself to positions that are related to the instruction of A&P at the High School, College or University level (faculty & administrative positions). 

5.  Postings will be removed in accordance with the date placed in the "Post Until" box.  If a position is filled early, or cancelled, simply email the HAPS Main Office at, and ask that the position be removed early

NOTE: If you are at a school where at least one HAPS member works, your school is eligible for the member rate. You do not need the member's information to sign in. We will verify the school has a membership when we process the job posting. We appreciate our members' schools!