Safety Committee

The purpose of the HAPS Safety Committee is to support and facilitate the awareness of safety in the human anatomy and physiology laboratory. The committee also works towards promotion of general safety measures to ensure a protected working and learning environment.

The committee is charged with reviewing, updating, and crafting changes to the HAPS safety guidelines. Furthermore, it provides a forum for publication of safety-related issues through the Spotlight on Safety and Safety Case Studies on the HAPS website.

The safety activities of the committee include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Reviewing and revising HAPS safety guidelines for HAPS members, science educators, students, and those concerned with safety in their courses or at their institutions.

• Promoting interest in health and safety issues via the facilitation of a collaborative and supportive discussion environment.

• Developing and producing written and video safety material to promote safe lab practices.

• Assisting in the identification of potentially unsafe laboratory conditions and suggesting remedies.

• Encouraging feedback from HAPS members, students, and individuals with regard to health and safety-related ideas, problems, and solutions.

• Providing support and serving as a resource in the development, implementation, and maintenance of safety policies and procedures.

• Serving as an advisory body on issues of health and safety.

• Preparing reports on committee accomplishments.

Collectively, members of the committee actively support safety awareness at all educational levels and are looking for individuals interested in promoting health, safety, and security of resources.

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