Membership Committee

The Membership Committee has HAPS members and future members in mind. We are here to expand our membership base to include all Human Anatomy and Physiology educators or those individuals, institutions and corporations crucial to the HAPS mission statement of "Promoting Excellence in the Teaching of Human Anatomy and Physiology.”

Our goal is not only for you to become a member HAPS, but to ensure that you will want to stay a member of the HAPS community.
We want to help keep HAPS what you want it to be by maintaining the valuable services we currently offer and aiming to update or add the services members desire.
What we do:
We make recommendations to the Board of Directors about:

Incentive programs to increase membership
Improvement of member services
Dues structure adjustments
Ways to increase HAPS visibility

On-going and upcoming projects:
· Map showing conference attendees hometowns 
· Jobs Wanted site – a place to post your resumes