Legacy Written Exam now discontinued

The written exam is no longer be available.  It was discontinued in Summer 2015.

Please note that in December 2013 the written exam stopped development and has limited support.  Please be certain that the written exam meets your needs before ordering this form of the exam - it is not the same as the online exam and scores are not comparable. 


Members administering the exam as a written exam will receive the exam booklets, Scantron answer sheets, and a FedEx envelope.  If you would like to view an examination copy of the paper exam version, the cost is $105 (including shipping cost.) The cost is refundable (except for the $5 shipping) if returned or may be credited toward an order. Download the form from the file library below. 

In order to maintain the integrity of the legacy written exam, it must be administered in a proctored environment.  As the exam proctor it is your responsibility to ensure the integrity of the exam for each student you sponsor. 

We request that you do the following at the end of the exam:

  1. Destroy all exam booklets.
  2. Return Scantron sheets for grading in the FedEx envelope. It is important that the enclosed Scantron forms for the exam be used. We will be unable to provide an item analysis of your exam results if a different form is used.
  3. Inform us by email at info@hapsconnect.org  that you have sent the Scantron sheets. 

You will receive email notification when we receive your answer sheets. The exam will be scored within 48 hours, and the results will be emailed to you in an Excel spreadsheet containing the exam booklet numbers and corresponding raw scores, and your class averages. Item analysis data is no longer available.


The distribution of questions on the legacy exam is not the same as that on the current HAPS exam.  Content distribution on the legacy is: 


No. of Questions
A. Body Plan
B. Homeostasis
C. Chemistry & Cell Biology Review
D. Histology
E. Integument
F. Skeletal System & Articulations
G. Muscular system
H. Nervous system
I. Special senses
J. Endocrine 5
K. Cardiovascular System
L. Lymphatics & Immunity
M. Respiratory System
N. Digestive system
O. Metabolism
P. Urinary System
Q. Fluid/electrolyte, Acid/base balance
R. Reproductive System
S. Introduction to Heredity


HAPS Comprehensive Exam files

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
HAPS Exam FAQ PDF (62.15 KB) Administration 6/11/2015
Question Distribution by Module JPG (145.81 KB) Administration 1/9/2014
Chi Tester Capabilities PDF (1.42 MB) Administration 1/9/2014