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 Winter 2018

Lab Course in Cardiac Physiology
(1 credit) January 17 - March 7, 2018
Patrick Eggena, MD

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In this 1 credit course participants attend live one-hour sessions each week in a Google Meet classroom on Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST. During these sessions they project their EKGs onto their mobile phone or iPad screens using an inexpensive Kardia Mobile recorder with an App. Participants measure their mean QRS axis and relate their EKGs to their heart sounds, blood pressure, pulse, ventricular blood volumes and cardiac action potentials. In this way participants generate pressure-EKG (time), volume-EKG (time) and work diagrams for their cardiac cycles at rest and during exercise. Having completed these experiments on themselves, participants engage in a lively conversation as they apply the physiological principles they have just learned as they follow in the footsteps of Dr. Eggena who leads them through seven episodes of his "Country Doctor" series in Apple iBooks. Although this course is constructed so that each participant can experiment on him or herself, this course may also be implemented by three or four students from the same institution performing the experiments and discussing the cases as a team before coming to the weekly sessions with Dr. Eggena.