HAPS Educator Frequently Asked Questions

See the linked files above for details about submitting an article

What happens to my HAPS Educator submission after I send it to the editors?

Editors evaluate the article for appropriateness for HAPS membership and appropriateness for HAPS Educator as a venue. The manuscript is then reviewed by HAPS Educator Committee members for scholarly merit.  If accepted, it is added to the queue for publication in the next available edition of HAPS Educator

How is HAPS Educator distributed?

HAPS Educator is an electronic journal that is made available to HAPS members as a single PDF that can be downloaded from the HAPS website.  New editions are announce through all HAPS communication channels, including President E-Blasts, Discussion Group posts, and all popular social media sites in which HAPS has an account.

How long is each full HAPS-Ed edition available online?

All HAPS Educator editions are available in their entirety on the HAPS website.  It is our intention to keep them permanently available to membership.

Can people search for my article?

There is no way to search for individual articles on the HAPS website. However, after one year all HAPS Educator articles are individually archived on the Life Science Teaching Resource Community (formerly The APS Archive of Teaching Resources) and made available to public searches.  The site has powerful search capabilities with extensive use of metatags and many useful collections.

Can I cite my HAPS Educator article as a peer reviewed publication?


When are submissions due?

See the link at the top of the page for detailed explanation of how to format and submit an article.  Deadlines are March 15, July 15, and November 15.