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About HAPS committees

The vitality of HAPS and many of its most important functions depend on volunteers who serve on the different HAPS committees. The committees are listed in the side bar and clicking a committee will take you to that committee’s web page, where you can learn more about what the committee does.
Committee members are selected so as to balance the composition by geographical location and type of educational institution. Each committee member serves for two years, with terms running from July 1 to June 30 of the last year of the term. Committee chairs are selected by the Board of Directors. For most committees, chair and member terms may be renewed.

Any HAPS member may request to become a friend of the committee. Friends of a committee are HAPS members or nonmembers who assist the committee in its duties, but do not have voting rights.


How to volunteer for a committee

If you are interested in joining a committee or becoming a friend of a committee, please contact the chair or co-chair of the committee. Contact information can be found on the committee’s web page.