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Professional and academic help: Jan. 18-25

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, January 19, 2017
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Winter academia: Jan. 11-18

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thanks to 'net detectives Valerie Dean O'Loughlin, Dic Charge, Kevin Patton, and Peter English


Excellence in science

Deadline: March 1 from FASEB for outstanding women

Professional help

Cut the bull, spiff up the CV

Free advice: Vitae

Ed. tech.

Full, free item, links: Getting smart

Evaluation sites and more

Complete, free report, links: Inside hi. ed.

Ontario grad survey

Free website: OUC

K-12 Teacher workshops in primary resources

From Library of Congress; various dates this summer


Get 'er done: writing your paper

Complete, free report: Inside hi. ed.

Are scientists trustworthy?

Full, free story, graphics, link: Discovery

Listen to Sci. Fri.

Articles to read also!


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New year in academia: Jan. 4-11

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thanks to 'net detectives Ann Raddant, Peter English, Kevin Patton, and Carolyn Wright

In the classroom

Best practices in college teaching

Free website, refs.: UNCC

Video your favorite lab experiment and send to them!

Free website from Sci. news


Math bio. colloquium announces speakers

Website, links, dates, topics

Case study teaching in science workshop coming!

Website; May 22-26 at U. Buffalo

Today's science

Women in science: deaths this year

Full, free blog, images: Sci. Am.

Perspectives on peer reviewing

Advice from various scientists collected, links: Science



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Academic holiday: Dec. 16- Jan. 4

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, December 16, 2016

Thanks to 'net detectives Kenneth Long and A.J. Petto


Grad students: apply for public policy award

Website: AIBS

Ryerson U. prof. thanks students

Full, free essay, comments section: Upworthiest

Fewer US undergrads

Complete, free report, graphics: Nat'l. stud. clearinghouse res. cent.


Do you need an illustration; can't draw anything but flies?

Free and searchable: Creative commons

Fighting fake news

Free Q&A from Chon. hi. ed.

Peer-review problems--again

Complete, free report, images: Science

Governmental stuff

Florida sheriff deputizing faculty

Full, free essay, links: ABC news

Can a university be sued? Maybe not

Short, free item, links: Inside hi. ed.

Do you know where your Federal register is?

It's lost without you: join a committee, attend a hearing!


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Education: Dec. 9-16

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, December 9, 2016

Education: Dec. 9-16

Thanks to 'net detectives Margaret Flemming. JoAnn Eichenlaub, Pat Bowne, Jon Jackson, Kevin Patton, and Valerie Dean O'Loughlin


Balancing family and academic demands

Complete, free Q&A: Inside hi. ed.

Brain breaks for your students

Website, link: Edutopia

Advice to advance your career

How to write a good cover letter

Complete, free report: Inside hi ed.

The professional presentation gone sideways

Free image: Ph. D. comics

From CV to resume--what is the difference?

Full, free blog: Vitae

More professional advice

Reviewer allegedly stole publication, then published it

Full, free article, links: Retraction watch

Avoid burnout: take a holiday break,-says-study

Press release: City U. London

How many got PH.D.'s this year?

Short, free item, tables: Inside hi. ed.

The whining office mate

Free advice item: Chron. hi. ed.

Animal use policy

Free website: Austin comm. col.

Gift guides

Holiday gifts: DNA jewelry, anatomical chocolates, etc.

Free slide show: BioTechniq.

More biology-based gifts

Full, free list, images: GEN


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Teaching today: Dec. 1-8

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, December 1, 2016
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Academic news: Nov. 21-30

Posted By David L. Evans, Monday, November 21, 2016
Updated: Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Academic news: Nov. 21-30


Critical thinking about websites: don't fall for clickbait

Complete, free report from Chron. hi. ed.

Tutor alleged to take courses for athletes

Full, free essay from St. Louis post-dispatch

Go to HS, get college credit in Texas

Full, free story from Inside hi. ed.

Plagiarism proof? What to do.

Free blog, conversation thread, links from Vitae


Fixing peer-review?

Full, free essay, links from The Scientist

What about the "impact factor?"

Complete, free report, links from The Scientist


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Late fall advice: Nov. 11-18

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, November 11, 2016
Updated: Friday, November 18, 2016

Late fall advice: Nov. 11-18

Thanks to 'net detectives Danielle Rintala and Kenneth Long


Teaching blind students

Full, free essay, links from Sci. Am.

Need help creating digital resources?

Free website from TES

U. Florida retools on-line efforts

Complete, free report, links from Inside hi. ed.

How to improve undergrad. research experiences?

Full, free opinion piece from The Scientist

Other professional ideas

Keeping or quitting that job?

Full, free story, audio file from Quick and dirty tips

Need to stand up for science: former news anchor

Full, free blog from Sci. Am.

Data on physical therapy applications

Complete, free report, tables from PTCAS


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Modern academia: Nov. 4-11

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, November 4, 2016
Updated: Friday, November 11, 2016

Modern academia: Nov. 4-11

Thanks to 'net detectives Peter English, Joann Eichelaub, and Pat Bowne


What do your students call you? (in front of your back!)

Complete, free advice bit, links from Chron. hi. ed.

Too few female genomics specialists

Full, free essay from GEN

Need copyright (and more!) advice?

Free website, links from Copyrightlaws

Where does a biology Ph.D. take you?

Graphic, link from ASCB website

Events and opportunities

Great American smokeout

Nov. 17; page, refs. from MMWR

Public policy award

Deadline: Jan. 9; Free site from AIBS


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We need to know: Oct. 28-Nov. 4

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, October 28, 2016
Updated: Friday, November 4, 2016

We need to know: Oct. 28-Nov. 4

Thanks to 'net detectives Dee Silverthorn, Jon Jackson, and Krista Rompolski

The customers: Student issues

Writing "hence" is a sign of plagiarism? Come on.

Free blog, image from Tiffany Martinez website

Is that postdoc position all that it implies?

Full, free blog from Vitae

US school students improve marginally in science

Complete, free report from Sci. Am.

Writing M/C questions

Get in on all the lingo: good and bad examples

Website from Duquesne U.

Good overview with examples

From a Vanderbilt U. guide

Med. board exams

Full, free guide from Nat'l. board of med. exam.


Toxic department, low salary ad, and more

Full, free Q&A from Vitae

Springer withdraws 58 articles: phony reviews, etc.

Complete free report, links from Retraction watch

Reading over job applications

Complete, free report, links from Vitae

Have you looked at the Federal register recently?

Attend a hearing, join a committee, be a part of the solution!


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