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Awards, laws, conferences
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Awards, laws, conferences

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, December 20, 2013
Updated: Yesterday

Today in academia: April 17-24
Thanks this week to 'net detective Henriette Evans

Gender, wage and rank gap in higher education

Complete, free report, links from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

Advanced degrees

Jumping on the Ph. D. train: will it leave the station?

Full, free graphic presentations, links, brief explanations from

The MD board celebrates an anniversary

NBME website

A masters from a for-profit?

Full, free commentary from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

Mentoring a postdoc in teaching

Full, free essay, link from
Inside Hi. Ed.

Award$ and events

Paul Shin Memorial Award for service

From COPUS; deadline for nominations April 30

Did you read the Federal Register? No? Bad!

Join a committee, attend a hearing, be a part of the solution!


When, where did peer review start?

Full, free article, linked citation list from
Sci. Am.

Animals with human rights?

Full, free feature, link from Sci. Am.

Academic news we can use: April 10-17
Thanks to 'net detective Henriette Evans and Peter English
Award$ and events

Young researchers: 25 grants for you!

List, links, deadlines from

USA Science and engineering festival

April 26-27 in Washington, DC

APS Institute on Teaching and Learning

Deadline: May 23

What about the "Heartbleed" bug?

Full, free story from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

On the job

Is peer review really working?

Full, free essay from Inside Hi. Ed.

Survey of young scientists: What would you do to advocate science?

Compilation of essays from


Can graduate school kill you?

Full, free blog, links from
Inside Hi. Ed.

Sneak peek at the new SAT

Full, free item from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

Helping students to catch up

Full, free report, links from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

Students allegedly inappropriately injecting one another

Full, free essay, link from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

Here are some standardized accreditors' terms

Full, free story from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Important news for A&P teachers: April 3-10
Thanks to 'net detective  Vuvi Nguyen, Pat Bowne, and Paul Blumstein
Download Science 360 app for iPad|GD|MNEWSL|Split0|none

Free from NSF

Decreases in funding for natural history studies

Press release, images, links from Univ. Wash.

Study: short-term economic gains from scientific research

Full, free article from CIC News

Professor tricked on April 1

Free video from

Is this your definition of a flipped classroom?

Complete, free blog from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

Moving on to another tenure-track position?

Full, free essay from

Making Medline Plus work for you

Full, free article, images from Sci. Am.

Events, award$, and activities

Enter AIBS' "Faces of biology" photo contest

From their website; deadline is Sept. 30

Explore Oxford's medical history

Full, free perspective, images from

Read the Federal Register

Attend a hearing, join a committee, be a part of the solution!

April is STD Month

Short, free announcement, links from MMWR

Academia today: March 27-April 3
Thanks this week to 'net detective Pat Bowne

Conferences and award$

HHMI workshops at the Science and Engineering Festival

In Washington, DC on April 25

NSF grants conference

June 23-24 in Denver

Job$ and working

Tenure denied?

Full, free essay from Inside Hi. Ed.

What predicts success in NCLEX?

or try this:,d.aWc

From a website

Answering questions at the interview

Full, free Q&A from Vitae

The world of learners: March 20-27
Thanks this week to 'net detective Karen McMahon

Open Syllabus Project, a syllabus archive

Complete, free story, links from Chron. Hi. Ed.

The importance of gentle replies to student e-mails

Full, free essay from Inside Hi. Ed.

Activities for you!

Summer Teaching Institutes for K-12

Free site from Library of Congress

Take the HAPS Lab Safety Survey if you teach labs

HAPS Webpage

Center for Open Science


Academia this week: March 13-20
Thanks this week to 'net detectives John Waters, Dee Silverthorn, and Andrew Petto


Stinging an on-line cheater

Full, free article from MSN

Taking another look at how we teach

Free report from AAAS

Teaching materials

look at MCAT and biology textbooks

Full, free pdf from ASCB Post

Do a MOOC, who owns it when you leave?

Complete, free essay, links from Inside Hi. Ed.

On the job

How much do they make?

Extensive chart from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Professional news: March 6-13

Thanks to 'net detectives Carolyn Wright and Jenny McFarland


Women in science

A free photo essay from Sci. Am.

How to warn students about graphic content

Full, free story from Vitae

Gender and status in STEM areas

Full, free essay from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Should you talk about that toxic environment you are leaving?

Full, free item from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Events and award$

APS training course on becoming an effective teacher


NSF sponsors workshop on flipped classroom at SUNY/Buffalo

See website for grant details

Craig Ferguson hosting new series on Science Channel

Short, free item, links, image from
Sci. Am.


Peer-grading? Not so much

Complete, free blog from Inside Hi. Ed.

Image source unlocked

Full, free blog, images from Sci. Am.

The new SAT

Complete, free essay from Inside Hi. Ed.

Academic news: Feb. 27-March 6
Thanks this week to 'net detectives Shanin Shabanian, Henriette Evans, Jason LaPres, and Sarah Miller

Teaching and students

What about adjuncts?

Free video from PBS

40 Android apps for professors

Free list from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Lost in a sea of majors? What do you want to do?

Website from Univ. Mass

Events and activities
International Cadaver Prosection Program

Website from Indiana Univ.


Should you mention your blog on your resume?

Full, free item from Vitae

News we can use: Feb. 20-27


How to get tenure

Full, free essay from Inside Hi. Ed.

Grade quickly with Flubaroo

Short, free item, video from Chron. Hi. Ed.


Gibberish-filled, computer generated articles removed

Full, free essay from Nature

US government support important in 22 major tech advances

Short, free note from R&D Mag.

USDA fines Univ. Cal./Berkeley over lab animal deaths

Short, free item from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Help in the classroom and in the lab: Feb. 13-20

Thanks to 'net detective Maria Engel

Award$ you can win

Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships

Available for those in Michigan, New Jersey, Indiana, and Ohio only


Applying for the job again this year?

Full, free essay from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Deaf student wins judgement against university--bio lab issue

Newspaper story, links

Should you have your students do peer-grading?

Complete, free essay from Chronicle of Hi. Ed.

Professional news we can use: Feb. 6-13

Thanks to 'net detective Miranda Byse


Proposed college rating system

Full, free article from Inside Hi. Ed.

Many Ph.D's, not so many jobs?

Complete, free story, graphic from GEN

Are today's high school students ready for science?

PDF, links, graphic, from ACT website

10 MOOC's for you

Free list, descriptions from BioTechniq.


UK plans to reduce research using animals

Complete, free story from Sci. Am.

What we waited to hear: Jan. 30-Feb. 6

Thanks to 'net detectives Patricia Visser, Robin Hurst, Kevin Petti, Shanin Shabanian, Maria Engel, and Paul Blumstein


What to do about a bad class

Full, free essay from Chronicle Hi. Ed.

High drop-out rate in Ivy League MOOC's

Full, free story from Bloomburg

The work place

Are faculty salaries mainly to blame for tuition increases? No.

Full, free article, graphic, links from Inside Hi. Ed.

Yale shuts down faculty evaluation site

Full, free editorial from newspaper

Colorado looking to make conditions fairer for adjuncts

Complete, free item from Chronicle Hi. Ed.

Should you check that "race" box on your job application?

Full, free article from Vitae


Anatomia Italiana--HAPS-I offering

Runs from July 20-Aug. 1

Looking for options in the health field?

ADEA website

Academic and professional news: Jan. 23-30

Thanks to 'net detectives Terry Thompson, Robert Rawding, Ellen Lathrop-Davis, Murray Jensen, Karen McMahon, Paul Blumstein, Dee Silverthorn, and Valerie Dean O'Loughlin


Need a reference management system?

From the website

This nursing student talks about cheating: "Cheaters never win"

Free video from YouTube

College wins lawsuit against accreditor

Full, free story from Inside Hi. Ed.

Should students take pictures instead of notes?

Complete, free essay from Chronicle of Hi. Ed.


Papers with high status authors get more attention

Full free article from R&D Mag.

Who and when statistics for US Ph.D. earners

Interactive guide from NSF

Opportunities, award$, and interesting things

Image of the Week

Visit and contribute to the HHMI website

Program leading to MS in Med. Phys. through Internet

From Case Western Reserve Univ.

Want information about POGIL?

From the website

Ideas labs applications

Deadline Feb. 4 from NSF

We need this information: Jan. 16-23

Thanks to 'net detective Ron Gerrits

Univ. Texas takes a hard look at student outcomes

Full, free item, links from Inside Hi. Ed.

What are the best online programs?

Full, free article from U.S. News & World Rep.

This is valuable information: Jan. 9-16

Thanks this week to: Wendy Riggs, Paul Blumstein, Murray Jensen, Carolyn Wright

The profession

Are you thinking of doing exit quizzes in your labs?

Full, free article, tables, references from Advanc. Physio. Ed. 271: 48-54.

Science learning

Case studies in science workshop this summer

Registration opens on Jan. 30

Course in environmental physiology

From Stanford Univ.

Developments in science

With placebos, what are "spurious improvements?"

Short, free item from The Scientist

Surgeon General's report on smoking 50 years ago

Free article from Wikipedia

This is what we needed to know: Jan 2-9

Thanks this week to Robin Hurst and Kevin Petti

Professional news

Getting more women involved in conferences

Complete, free item from Inside Hi. Ed.

Professors have low stress jobs. Really?

Full, free essay from Career Cast

Federal consumer agency looking at some for-profit colleges

Short, free piece from Inside Hi. Ed..

Do you want students to do a pre-class exercise?

Full, free blog from Chronicle of Hi. Ed.

Jobs, award$, and opportunities

Looking for a job: don't ignore community colleges!

Complete, free item from Chronicle Hi. Ed.

Finding a job outside academia

Full, free essay from Chronicle of Hi. Ed..


Science v pseudoscience

Full, free blog from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Ten notable female scientists

Short discussions and images of each from Sci. Am..

I'm sorry I said that: amazing scientific retractions

List with short explanations, links from The Scientist..

What word was looked up most in 2013: science!

Full, free blog from Chronicle Hi. Ed..

Today in academia: Dec. 26-Jan. 2


How much are adjuncts paid?

Complete, free essay from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Job market for biology Ph.D.: not so great

Full, free story from AIBS Public Policy

The profession

Court decision favors accommodations for deaf student

Complete, free article, links from Inside Hi. Ed.

Huda Zoghbi, neurobiologist, wins prize for research 

Full, free essay from Sci. Am.

Things you really need to do

How should clarify our field to a non-scientist?

Full, free essay from Sci. Am.

Useful information: Dec. 19-26


Plagiarism: why it hurts knowledge 

Complete, free blog, links, references from Sci. Am.

Sorting out the wheat from the chaff in open-source publications 

Brief, free item from The Scientist


Presidential award for science and mathematics teachers

Press release from NSF

The news that is: Dec. 12-19

Thanks this week to 'net detectives Henriette Evans and Judith Gibber

Students and tests

3 Florida university students allegedly tried to sell exams 

Full, free essay from Chronicle of Hi. Ed.

New MCAT coming in 2015 

Audio file, links to articles about new assessments


Adjunct professors: tell them what your work conditions are like  

Should near-deaf professor reveal disability to students?

Full, free item from Chronicle of Hi. Ed.

Animal research at Imperial College London criticized

Complete, free story, links from Sci. Amer.

What they mean when they say that stuff in a job ad 

Full, free article from Vitae


Student allegedly hacks professors computer, sells test key 

Full, free essay, links from Inside Hi. Ed.

How to protect your data on the cloud 

Full, free story, link from Scientific American

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