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July teaching ideas: July 19-26

Posted By David L. Evans, Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Thanks to web detective Barbara Heard

Opportunities knocking!

Call for nominations for public service award

Deadline: Oct. 1: Nat'l sci. board

Your lonesome Federal register wants you!

Attend a hearing, join a committee, be a part of the solution!

In the classroom

Gender and student comments on teaching evaluations

Full, free item, image; Acad. obscura

What is the future of "precision education?"

Complete, free report, links: EdSurge

Visually impaired A&P students

Free website, links: WordPress

Thoughts on learning and video games

Free, short list, links: Inside hi. ed.

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Academia, here we come: July 5-19

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, July 7, 2017

Thanks to web detective Ann Raddant, Kevin Patton, Carolyn Wright, Barbara Heard, and A.J. Petto

The students

Encouraging grit and creativity

Full, free essay, links: Sci. Am.

Problems with getting students to work in groups?

Full, free item, links: Faculty focus

How have the students changed in 10 years?

Complete, free report, links: eCampus news

Why laptops should be a no-no in class

Full, free story, links: Sci. Am.

Don't try to fool the Scantron!

Free website: Snopes

Conference and award

Win the BioArt contest!

Deadline: Aug. 31

Annual fall conference

Sept. 15-16 at SUNY, Buffalo, website: Nat'l cent. case stud. sci.


Compliance with ADA

Free site: Salome Heyward assoc.

Digital learning help

Short, free list, links: Inside hi. ed.

Are you a "cognitive coach?"

Full, free Q&A, links: Ed surge

How many Ph.D.'s awarded?

Complete, free report, graph: NSF

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Independent academia: June 29-July 6

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thanks to web detectives Hiranya Sankar Roychowdhury and Kay Dunkelberger

Aggravation at work?

Re-set the sanity button: get out of the office!

Full, free article, link: Chron. hi. ed.

Did that dean cherry-pick her out of a job?

Full, free essay, links: Inside hi. ed.

Cyberbullying and gender

Full, free item, links: Inside hi. ed.

The students

Do active learning classrooms work? Yep

Full, free article, links, image: Chron. hi. ed.

Student wrote test answers on inside of fingernails

Full, free essay, image, links: Yahoo!

Learning: a team effort: you + students

Complete, free report, links: Vitae

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Hot, hot academia: June 22-29

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Storms of academia: June 15-22

Posted By David L. Evans, Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Thanks to web detective Kevin Patton

A student evaluation system that could help

Complete, free report, links: Inside hi. ed.

Looking at analyses of anatomy teaching methods

Free abstract: Clin. anat.

Is the unengaged student not learning?

Full, free essay, links: Ed. week teacher

Encouraging diversity in STEM

Short explanation, video: NSF

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Hot, hot academia: June 8-15

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thanks to web detectives Robert Leopard and John Pellegrini

Professional issues

Become famous: Enter the Faces of biology contest

Free website: AIBS

The importance of inflexible knowledge

Full, free essay, refs., image: Am. educator

Report on Australian universities

Full, free pdf, tables: CSHE

On science

Should you use a preprint server?

Full, free essay, links, refs.: BioTechniq.

The placebo argument: it might work after all

Complete, free report: Oncol. nurse advis.

In the classroom

How to learn

Free video from Vimeo

Teaching and learning

Full, free website, links to episodes: Teach. and learn. in hi. ed.

What about noting misconduct on transcripts?

Complete, free manual: Am. assoc. collegiate regist. admin. off.


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Graduating links: June 1-8

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thanks to web detective Heiko Heisermann, Kevin Patton, Daniel Moore, and Shadi Kilani

Our profession

Using art to interest bio-med students

Full, free article, images, links: Guardian

The Cornell method of note-taking

Free website: Cornell U.

Getting thru the lecture course alive

Free item: NY times

Try this for test anxiety

Free website: U. Chicago

Essential study skills

Download book for free: Bookboon

Professional thoughts

How well do job interviews relate to later performance?

Complete, free report: Chron. hi. ed.

What factors lead to college success?

Press release: Rice U.

Publishing woes and wins

2% of published clinical trials faulty?

Full, free story, links: Retract. watch

Counterattack on counterfeit textbooks

Full, free essay, links, image: Inside hi. ed.


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Our profession: May 25-June 1

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thanks to web detectives Kevin Patton and Dee Silverthorn

How well did that work?

Do MOOC's still matter?

Full, free essay, video: Chron. hi. ed.

Assessment leader dies

Press release, slide show: Alverno college

Evaluating education research

Full, free article, linked cites., fig.: Springer link


The cover letter: to the heart of the matter

Complete, free report: Vitae

Why do "useless" research?

Complete, free report, links, audio file: Sci. Friday


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What we need to know: May 11-25

Posted By David L. Evans, Monday, May 15, 2017

Thanks to web detectives Valerie Dean O'Loughlin and Kathy Burleson

Classroom teaching

Are your students just memorizing? A tool to use

Full, free essay, linked cites., figs.: J. chem. ed.

Is "learning styles" a useful concept to you?

Complete, free report, links: Word Press

Professional issues

Prize for early career scientists

Complete, free notice: Science

Gender and peer review

Full, free essay, links, ref.: BioTechniq.

Improve your writing skills

Workshop; $375-475/participant: AIBS

Arizona dropping teacher ed requirements

Short, free article, links: Ed. week

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May for science: May 4-11

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thanks to web detectives Rie Sasaki, A.J. Petto, Jon Jackson, and Valerie Dean O'Loughlin


Student allegedly drops from ceiling to steal exam

Full, free story: Lexington herald-leader

The education process and curriculum development

Full, free article, refs.: Infed

Do you sneer?

Full, free essay, links: Vitae

Don't under-rate grumpy folks

Complete, free report, links: Quartz

Do we need to put the "science" into forensic science?

Full, free blog: Sci. Am.

Course evaluations only

Effective teaching not always reflected in student evals.

Full, free story, graphics: Ed. next

Small sample bias in evaluations and other issues

Complete, free report, links, graphics: Inside hi. ed.

Free course evaluation form

Website, links: Slgsite


Avast ye swabs! Piracy in print

Complete, free report, links, ref.: BioTechniq.

Should peer-review be transparent?

Full, free essay, graphic, links: Nature


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