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Academia blooming: April 19-26

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, April 20, 2017

March for science

Complete, free report, links: Sci. news

Where did all those Ph.D.'s end up at? SEH Fields&cs=None#data

Free graphic: NSF

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April academia: April 12=19

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thanks to web detectives Valerie Dean O'Loughlin, Sherrie M. B. Green, Kevin Patton, and Dee Silverthorn


Waterman award for early career scientists

Applications from Aug. to late Oct.; website: NSF

Write with more impact!

Courses begin June 22: AIBS

Women tend to take larger service loads

Complete, free report, links: Inside hi. ed.

Check out the Federal register today!

Attend a hearing, join a committee, be a part of the solution

Professional matters

Scientists becoming greyer

Full, free essay, links: NY times

State science fair in Oklahoma defunded

Full, free item: KFOR

In the classroom

The distracted student: electronic devices

Full, free story, links: Chron. hi. ed.

Adjunct forum

Free, requires registration

Tags:  adjunct forum  women faculty 

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Academic and scientific news: April 5-12

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, April 7, 2017
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April fools' academics: March 29-April 5

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thanks to 'net detectives Valerie Dean O'Loughlin, Kevin Patton and Pat Bowne


Anatomy research institute applications

At Indiana U in Bloomington; receiving from April 1 until full

Enter the "Faces of biology" contest

Win $250, get on BioScience cover; deadline Oct. 1, 2017


Tips for short and snappy presentations

Full, free story, linked cites.: PLoS comp. biol.

Do peer helpers make a difference? Nope.

Full, free blog, links: ANOVA

How do adjuncts feel?

Full, free essay, links: Inside hi. ed.

Background checks for faculty

Complete, free report, links: Inside hi. ed.

"Belief" in science?

Full, free essay, graphic: Sci. Am.

Science advances (sometimes)

Paul Kammerer and The case of the midwife toad

Full, free story, image, refs.: BioTechniq.

More gobbledygook/page now

Full, free essay, linked cites.: Nature

Plant and animal collections victim of athletic field

Complete, free story, links: Inside hi. ed.

Tags:  anatomy research institute  awards and prizes  midwife toad  peer helpers 

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March scholars: March 22-29

Posted By David L. Evans, Sunday, March 26, 2017

Thanks to 'net detectives Barbara Rae Heard, Carolyn Wright, and Jon Jackson; thanks also to Harold Grau for the idea

US' ADA and the Canadian Human Rights Act

What is the ADA?

Complete, full website, links: US government

Talking about disability accommodations

Free, full, item: Chron. hi. ed.

Some guidance for the grad students

Free website: Grad. manage. news

What about extra time for tests?

Full, free essay, refs.: Can. j. disability stud.

Evaluating teaching labs for vision ADA compliance

Dissertation: U. New England


How failure is good

Complete, free report, links: STAT

Sexual harassment in the sciences

Full, free story, links: Wired

Professor, secretly recorded, now honored

Full, free story, links: Inside hi. ed.


Annual fall conference Sept 15-16 in Buffalo, NY

Website: Case study teaching in science

New Ph.D.? Want to win a prize?

Free website: AAAS; Deadline July 15

Want to do a science teach-in?

Free website for free info: NCSE


Can you use preprints in grant applications? Depends.

Complete, free report, links: Scientist

The sting that exposed predatory publishers

Full, free essay, linked cites. graphics: Nature

Are there many old scientists now?

Free graphic, link: Scientist

Do you want nature videos?

You might start here: Nat'l geo.

Tags:  awards and prizes  benefits in failing grades  science publishing 

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St. Pat in academia: March 15-22

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, March 17, 2017

Thanks to 'net detectives Jon Jackson, Valerie Dean O'Loughlin, Kevin Patton, Pat Bowne, and A.J. Petto

That cover letter and more thoughts

Complete, free report, link: Vitae

Tags:  cover letter  cover letter help  negotiating the job 

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Late winter academia: March 8-15

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, March 10, 2017
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Stormy days for academia: March 1-8

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thanks to 'net detectives Linda Moussakova, Soma Mukhopadhyay, Michele Paradies, Kevin Patton, and Donna Schwedfeger

Women in science

DNA pioneer: Rosalind Franklin saw it first

Full, free entry, image: Sci, women

Marie Curie and radiation

Complete, free item, image, ref.:

Rita Levi-Montalcini: Neuroscientist

Complete, free report from Biography

Rachel Carson, marine biologist, environmental educator

Full, free website, links, images:

Science every day

Embodied: the science/art show

Free website

Do your students need help with sampling and stats?

Full, free activity: HHMI

Newspaper science often falsified

Full, free article, linked cites., graphics: PLoS One

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Presidents' day academia: Feb. 16-March 1

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, February 16, 2017
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Academic affairs (?): Feb. 9-15

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, February 10, 2017

Thanks to 'net detective Kevin Patton

Gender issues

The brilliance stereotype

Full, free blog: Sci. Am.

80% of men's salaries

Complete, free report, refs., graphics: Coll. univ. prof. assoc. hum. res.

Full professorships: mind the gap in academia!

Free press release: Mass. gen. hosp.

Useful to know

Are letters of recommendation useful in initial stages?

Complete, free report, links: Vitae

What did your students teach you today?

Full, free article, links: Edutopia

Allegation: professor helped student to cheat

Full, free essay: KPRC

Science stuff

New science words added to dictionaries

Short, free item, links: Scientist

Is science really disinterested?

Complete, free report, links: NPR

Texas revising teaching standards (again)

Website: Texas ed. assoc.


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