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Awards, laws, conferences

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, December 20, 2013
Updated: Tuesday, August 12, 2014

News that youse can use: July 31-Aug. 7

Thanks to 'net detectives Valerie D. O'Loughlin, Peter English, and Henriette Evans

New ideas

Apply to the Innovation Grants Program

Deadline: Oct. 1; Am. Assoc. Anat. website

Using Facebook in the classroom

Full, free essay, links from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

What will tomorrow's education be like?

Full, free blog from Sci. Am.

Our work

Nat. Research Council pushes lab safety in universities

Free summary, link to original announcement from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Want to author a book? Here's what you need to know

Full, free advice column from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

Put someone else's thesis on-line, go to jail?

Complete, free report from The Scientist

Attendance policy v ADA?

Full, free blog from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Mostly students

Engaging Kuwaiti women in biology

Complete, free article from
Advan. Physiol. Ed.

What is your most memorable teaching moment?

Full, free commentary from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

Temple Univ. drops ACT, SAT requirement

Newspaper story

Should medical school be shorter?®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=1

Newspaper story

Good stuff: July 24-31

Thanks this week to 'net detective Carolyn Wright

Some advice

Retired: work with a community science club

Full, free article, links from
The Scientist
All-nighters can change memories

Complete, free report from Sci. Am.

On the job

Resolving conflicts at work

Complete, free essay from
Inside Hi. Ed.

If you didn't get the job, can you ask why? Yes.

Full, free column from Vitae

Academia this week: July 17-24
The best colleges to work at

Free list from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Ten best/ten worst masters degrees

Website from Forbes

Don't ignore the talented student

Complete, free report from
Sci. Am.

Good to know that: July 10-17
Thanks this week to 'net detective Liz Phares, Carolyn Wright, Miranda Byse, Paul Blumstein, and Henriette Evans


Annual conference on case study teaching

Flipped classroom and more; Registration deadline Sept. 5

NSF Grants conference

Oct. 6-7 at George Washington Univ.

Jobs: getting, keeping

Changing jobs for a more prestigious institution?

Full, free column from Vitae

Seven tips for a great cover letter!

Free site from

STEM grads more likely to be hired but not in STEM field

Complete, free report from Chron. Hi. Ed.


Awards and grants from Am. Assoc. Anatomists

Various deadlines

FASEB/MARC travel awards

From FASEB website

Other professional news

Check out the teaching collections

Free website from LifeSciTRC

Blind chiropractic student wins suit: reader for X-rays

Complete, free report from
Inside Hi. Ed.

Is the college really broke?

Complete, free column from Chron. Hi. Ed.

First year retention rate drops

Free website

Get your science merit badges here!

Short discussion, images from Sci. Am.

Prosecutions for scientific fraud?

Full, free essay from

A list of unexpected things that Google will do for you


What we need to know: July 3-10
The gender gap in biology faculty

Full, free article from Biosci. Tech.

Are institutions looking at safety more?

Full, free blog, links from
Sci. Am.

The academic scene: June 26-July 3
Thanks this week to 'net detective Guy Lanter

Computer short cuts

Free short video from TED

3D in the lecture hall

Full, free report, video, links from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Education today: June 19-June 26

More on the value of a college degree

Free Q&A from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

Mothers as professors: still prejudice?
Full, free column from

This college will no longer use SAT and SAT in admissions

Full, free blog from Chron. Hi. Ed.
This week in academia: June 12-19

Thanks this week to 'net detectives Miranda Byse, Dic Charge, and Paul Blumstein


Encourage your daughters to do science!

Full, free article, video from
Sci. Am.

Why should it matter if a Ph.D. is overweight?

Complete, free essay from Chronicle Hi. Ed.

Obesity and unemployment

Free website, graph from

New teaching technology and methods

Ban the laptop in your classroom?

Full, free blog from
The New Yorker

What excites you or scares you about the flipped classroom?

If you are a K-12 educator:

If you are an undergraduate educator:

Students and learning

Do confused students learn better?

Free abstract from
Learn. and Intruct.

Using humor in the classroom

Complete, free item from
Inside Hi. Ed.

Some statistics about MOOC's

Full, free report, graphics from Chron. Hi. Ed.

We need to know these things: June 5-12

Thanks this week to 'net detectives Dee Silverthorn and Aaron Fried

LEGO looking at proposals for female scientist figure sets

Full, free blog, video, links from
Sci. Am.

What YOU can control during that job interview

Full, free advice item from SJS

Digital library wins latest in full-text, searchable database suit

Complete, free article, links from Chron. Hi. Ed.


What he wished he had known about the flipped classroom before

Complete, free story from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

Is this what it will take to get the students to stop texting?

Free cartoon from


Calling for more reproducibility in research work

Complete, free report, links from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Want to volunteer for research?

Free National Registry website

Is the physician-scientist disappearing?
Full, free report from NIH

Academia this week: May 29-June 5

Thanks this week to 'net detectives Miranda Byse, Dee Silverthorn, Joanne Dougherty, and Peter English

On the job

Need some apps?

Annotated list from

Thinking about alternatives to an academic career?

Full, free item from

Professor: do you see yourself as a worker?

Full, free column from

Distributing your resume? Better read this first

Insight from Univ. Washington


Longhand better for notes than laptop

Full, free story, links from
Sci. Am.

Bucks down the drain--was that degree worth it?

Complete, free blog from Chron. Hi. Ed.

Really useful: May 22-29

Thanks this week to 'net detective Henriette Evans

Award$ and advice

Great: you have the job. Now what?

Complete, free essay from
SJS Dig.

Professor sues student because of online reviews

Short, free story from Inside Hi.

Those letters of recommendation: adviser too?

Full, free column from Vitae


Academic freedom or "pursuant to duties?"

Full, free report from Vitae

Google glass to be used in anatomy labs in med. school

Press release from Univ. CA/Irvine

Today in education: May 15-22
Thanks this week to 'net detective Miranda Byse
Participate in one of these educator forums

for K-12

for educators of undergrads

for educators of graduate students

Award$, issues, and academia

How to deal with the two-legged rat

Full, free blog, links from
Sci. Am.

Penn State, U No Carolina working with HHMI towards STEM diversity

Short, free report, links from Inside Hi. Ed.

How much does your college president make?

Free searchable table from
Chron. Hi. Ed.

Gender matters

Sex and HIV education in the US

Free graphics from The Upworthiest

Which states have the most/least educated people?

Free map from NSF

NIH to require explanation for sex balance in research subjects

Full, free article, linked citations, audio file from Nature

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