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Pharmaceutical trials

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, December 20, 2013
Updated: Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Drugs today: July 31-Aug. 7

A guide to the effect of drugs on cerebral blood flow

Complete, free chart from
Sci. Am.

Steroids v physical therapy: similar outcomes

Free abstract from Ann. Int. Med.

Rheumatoid arthritis cured in mice

Complete, free report from
Drug discov. & develop.

Proteins to stop brain damage due to nerve gases

Press release from NYU

Important pharmaceutical news: July 24-31

Tuskegee experiment revealed--July 29, 1972

​Complete, free blog, links, images from
Sci. Am.

Ecstasy abuse and spinal artery aneurysm

​Short, free note from BMJ Case Rep.

Drugs today: July 17-24

More teenagers using human growth hormone now

Full, free story, graphs from
Drug discov. & develop.

Does the pharm affect sexual behavior?

Full, free report, links from
The Scientist

Niacin safe and effective? Nope

Complete, free article from
New Engl. j. Med.

​Worldwide trials of fetal stem cells for parkinsonism

Full, free story, links from Biosci. Tech.

Warning about caffeine powder

Press release from FDA

The phamily pharm: July 10-17

Thanks to 'net detectives Paul Blumstein and Henriette Evans

Drugs from here and there

Do emergency contraceptives cause abortions?

Complete, free essay from
Sci. Am.

New approaches to jet lag medicine on the horizon

Full, free essay, link from
Sci. Am.

Drug candidate for sickle cell disease

Press release from NIH

Nice drugs--maybe

Electrical pot?

Full, free report, link from
Sci. Am.

A drug addressing low sexual desire in women

Complete, free article, links, references from
The Scientist

Chocolate ingredient hardens tooth enamel

Website, further links

Drugs today: July 3-10
Can medical research with prisoners be justified?

Full, free article, links from
Sci. Am.

Only 1% of Alzheimer Disease drugs succeed in clinical trials

Complete, free report from
Drug discov. & develop.

Forget the vitamin pills, look for the new bananas!

Full, free essay from
Sci. Am.

Why some pediatricians stop giving vaccines

Newspaper story

Phun on the pharm: June 26-July 3

ADHD drugs apparently do not increase suicide risk

Full, free article, graphics, linked citations from BMJ

FDA requiring label change on testosterone: warning on VTE

Press release from FDA

Down on the pharm: June 19-June 26
Just how useful are dietary supplements?

Full, free story, link from
Sci. Am.

Glargine: biosimilar for insulin approved in Europe

Complete, free essay from
Drug discov. & develop.

Anti-virals for polio?

Full, free article, links from
The Scientist
What the pharma has today: June 12-19
HIV treatment: curing babies?

Full, free story from Sci. Am.

Molecular profiling for more efficient clinical trials

Full, free essay from
Sci. Am.

Will this help in human ALS?

Complete, free report from Drug discov. & develop.

Drug news of the day: June 5-12
Thanks this week to 'net detective Paul Blumstein
Cannabis corner

What's wrong with pot?

Complete free essay on negative affects from Biosci. Tech.

Cannabis, other factors affect size, shape of sperm

Full, free report from
Biosci. Tech.

Troubled pharma

"Fight the fakes" campaign combats phony meds

Complete, free essay from Drug discov. & develop.

Arrested: drug researcher's drug data allegedly inflated

Full, free report from
Drug discov. & develop.

Your daily dose of drug discoveries

Need help with a hangover?

Full, free story from

Spot test for presence of drug in blood stream

Full, free item, images from Agence France Press

Artificial blood design

Full, free story, links from

Drugs in the diet

Lycopene extracted from tomatoes increases cardiovascular function

Full, free article, linked citations, graphics from
PLoS One

Green tea increases DNA repair activity

Complete, free review item, link to original abstract from The Scientist

Deadly diet-drug duos!

Free website from Yahoo!

Advertising drugs

Are opioid ads contributing to abuse epidemic in Chicago?

Complete, free essay from

Drug ads directed to consumers: often emotional appeals

Short, free item from Oncol. Nurse Advis.

What's new at the pharma: May 29-June 5

Drug testing

New York to begin clinical trials on cannabidiol from marijuana

Complete, free item from Drug discov. & develop.

Big pharma opens up many clinical trial data

Full, free article from
Sci. Am.

Longer prostate cancer survivorship with an old approach

Complete, free item, image from
Drug discov. & develop.

Successful therapies

An alternative to estrogen for hot flashes

Free abstract from
JAMA Int. Med.

Capsaicin blocks pain receptors, extends lifespan in mice

Full, free report from Drug discov. & develop.

Daily drug discoveries: May 22-29

NIH no longer requiring special reviews of gene therapy trials

Short, free report from

Advantame: the newly-approved sugar substitute

Press release from FDA

Red wine: the anti-cavity drink

Press release from Am. Chem. Soc.

The newest in drug discoveries: May 15-22

Some good news

A shot of caffeine for that preemie's respiration?

Full, free report from
Biosci. Tech.

Could this lipid help in sickle cell anemia?

Full, free essay from
BioNews Texas

Vitamin C alleviates some fetal effects from smoking mom

Free audio file from Sci. Am.

The immune system and drugs

Delayed MMR vaccination to two years old, seizures more likely

Full, free article, graphics, references from

Shark antibodies hold promise in human therapy

Complete, free blog, link from Sci. Am.

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