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Medical Technology
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Vital technology: Aug. 14-21

Posted By David L. Evans, 18 hours ago
Updated: 18 hours ago

Vital technology: Aug. 14-21

Quarantine escapees return

Short, free item from Drug discov. & develop.

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The wonders of technology: Aug. 7-14

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, August 07, 2014
Updated: Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The wonders of technology: Aug. 7-14


Increasing use of contraceptives during first sex

Free charts from
The Upworthiest

Tattoo batteries powered by seat

Complete, free report from
R&D Mag.

Very rapid administration of clot-busters in strokes

Brief, free item from
HealthDay News

The "virtual torch" helps those with limited sight

Full, free essay, image from
R&D Mag.

Thin films for drug delivery over the long haul

Complete, free report, image from Drug discov. & develop.

Taking care of accidents

Nanocoat for burn wounds

Complete, free report, image from
R&D Mag.

Removing a barium concretion

Short, free note, image, video from New Engl. j. Med.

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Your source for med. tech.: July 31-Aug. 7

Posted By David L. Evans, Wednesday, August 06, 2014
Updated: Wednesday, August 06, 2014
Ebola serum grown in tobacco plants

Free story from WebMD

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Tech today: July 24-31

Posted By David Evans, Monday, July 28, 2014

Rebuilding functions

Vagus nerve implant to end tinnitus - Complete, free report from New Sci.

Engineering and medicine: facial reconstruction

Free video from NSF??Detecting muscle signals to control prostheses - Full, free essay, image from Biosci. Tech.

Other tech

Transcranial electricity to treat headaches - Complete, free blog from Sci. Am.

DIY atrial fibrillation after stroke - Free abstract from Neurology

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The march of progress: July 17-24

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, July 17, 2014
Updated: Monday, August 04, 2014

Easy tech

Bubble wrap for lab ware! Yep.

Full, free essay, links from
New Sci.

Smart bandages monitor vitals

Short, free item from
New Sci.

Cell affected directly

Platelet-making bioreactor

Full, free essay from

Reprogrammed pig cardiac cells for new pacemaker

Complete, free report, link to original abstract from
New Sci.

This week in med. tech.: July 10-17
Thanks to 'net detective Henriette Evans

Finding Alzheimer

A blood test for Alzheimer disease?

Complete, free report, links from The Scientist

Other, newer, simpler Alzheimer tests on the way?

Newspaper story

Do tests confuse you?

Grappling with statistics and applying the results?

Complete, free report, graphics from
BBC News

Understanding DNA ancestry results

Full, free story, links from
The Scientist


Nanotechnology may help in diabetes type I diagnosis

Complete, free report from

New way to ferret out triggers for allergies

Full, free item from
R&D Mag.

Optogenetics: new technique

Press release, slide show from NSF

Advances in medical technology: July 3-10

Therapies for all

What is the scientific evidence related to acupuncture?

Q&A from 5 scientists from Sci. Am.

Will nanoparticles damage organs?

Full, free article, link, image from
Sci. Am.

For those with other needs

"Finger reader" scans, reads plain text for the blind

Full, free report, image from Biosci. Tech.

FDA approves inhalable insulin

Press release from FDA

Motorized exoskeleton for paraplegics approved

Press release from FDA

Technology today: June 26-July 3

Growing new tendons for rotator cuffs

Full, free report from
Biosci. Tech.

More rapid therapeutic T-cell growth in vitro

Full, free item from
The Scientist

Women benefit more from special heart pacemaker

Complete, free essay from
R&D Mag.

This week in medical technology: June 19-26
Thanks this week to 'net detective Paul Blumstein

New HIV screening methods

Full, free article, tables, linked citations from

Making new bones for you

Free audio file from
Radio New Zealand

Chip in brain allows paralyzed man to move hand

image, video, newspaper story

What the techies are up to: June 12-19


Stroke-detecting helmet

Free audio file from
Sci. Am.

Softer stuff

Do toilet seat liners really help? Nope

Full, free story, video from
NBC News

The bionic pancreas--better glycemic control in DM Type I

Complete, free report, graphics, linked citation from
New Engl. j. Med.

Risky business: dangerous behavior in kids

Full, free article, graphics, links from

Gene change in bananas, > beta carotene, < vitamin A deficiency

Full, free story from
The Guardian

Medical technology: May 29-June 12


Better epidural delivery with optical tomography

Complete, free article, images from
R&D Mag.

Near infra-red images lymphatic system

Full, free report from
R&D Mag.

Other devices

Life-saving shirt ha
defibrillator included

Full, free essay, image from
Biosci. Tech.

Long distance medicine is life-saver in rural areas

Complete, free item from
R&D Mag.

Paraplegic using exoskeleton o deliver ceremonial kick at World Cup

Free video from NSF

Biochip to detect glucose in saliva

Press release from Brown Univ.

More news

Wikipedia as a source of medical info? Maybe not so much

Free, short item, audio file from
Sci. Am.

Hydrogels promote better healing with stem cells

Complete, free report from
R&D Mag.

Man allegedly steals skin from biotech company

Full, free item from

Microparticle delivery can heal bones more efficiently

Press release from Georgia Tech.

Current med. tech.: May 22-29
Blood glucose to be sent by telemetry

Full, free report from
Drug discov. & develop.

The techies today: May 15-22

Placebo: same outcomes as physical therapy in hip osteoarthritis

Free abstract from

Light used to scan brains

Complete, free essay from
R&D Mag.

Wireless pacemaker demonstrated for rabbit's heart

Full, free story, image from
New Sci.

Sweat detector for fingerprinting

Full, free report, citation, images from

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The newest in technology: May 1-8

Posted By David Evans, Thursday, May 01, 2014
Updated: Monday, July 28, 2014

The newest in technology: May 1-8
New genes to produce humanized pig organs

Full, free essay from GEN

Technology today: April 24-May 1
Techies generally
3-D printing of living cartilage on a chip a success

Full, free item from GEN

Gene therapy via cochlear implant

Full, free report from The Scientist

How safe are e-cigarettes?

Full, free story from Sci. Am.

Looking to regulate e-cigarettes

​Press release from FDA

Medical technology today: April 17-24

Clot bustin' robot

Full, free video from Sci. Am.

Prosthetic ankle

Full, free essay from R&D Mag.

Reattaching an ear

Short, free note, images from New Engl. j. Med.

Solutions: good and bad

The birth of modern transfusions

Full, free report, image from The Scientist

E-cigarettes can cause changes in gene expression

Short, free item, link from Sci. Am.

Asthma diagnosis based on neutrophils in one drop of blood

Free abstract from Proc. Nat'l. Acad. Sci.

What cells are using oxygen?

Full, free report, image from R&D Mag.
What the techies are up to now: April 10-17
Thanks to 'net detective Henriette Evans
It isn't working right

The tobacco report

Short, free item from The Scientist

What about patenting diagnostics?

Full, free essay from GEN

Australia to homeopathy: no thank you

Brief, free note from The Scientist

Works better

Silly putty carpet for growing spinal cord cells?

Full, free report from Biosci. Tech.

Minimally-invasive ventricular surgery

Short, free note, video from Sci. Am.

The cost of chronic disease care

Newspaper article
Medical marvels to behold: April 3-10
Injection device for anti heroin overdose

Complete, free essay from Drug discov. & develop.

Old tech: whale carcass cure for rheumatism?

Full, free story, image from BBC News

Technology today: March 27-April 3
Thanks to 'net detective Linda Moussakova and Paul Blumstein

Skull model from 3-D printer implanted

Short, free piece, image from

Implant: pulsing cuff to aid venous return

Short, free item, video from Biosci. Tech.
What really killed President Harrison in 1841?

Newspaper story

The flu epidemic of 1918

Brief review from Historians of Health

What the techies did: March 20-27
Thanks to 'net detective Paul Blumstein

Triclosan, ingredient in antibacterial soap, must go!

Full, free essay from Sci. Am.

​Water immersion birthing: avoid during later stage labor

Full, free pdf, references from Pediatrics

Vaccines: store at room temps, single dose sprays

Full, free essay from Drug discov. & develop.
Blood tests
Looking at shear rates to determine risk of thromboses
Full, free article, graphics, linked citations from PLoS ONE

Rapid blood test with a single drop

Full, free essay from Smithsonian
Other devices and tests

Testing the cerebrospinal fluid for early Alzheimer Disease

Complete, free item from GEN

Children hearing for the first time in their lives
Free video from The Upworthiest
Adult cochlear implant for high frequency, nervous hearing loss

FDA Press release

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