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Medical Technology
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Medical technology

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, December 20, 2013
Updated: 16 hours ago

Medical technology today: April 17-24

Clot bustin' robot

Full, free video from
Sci. Am.

Prosthetic ankle

Full, free essay from
R&D Mag.

Reattaching an ear

Short, free note, images from
New Engl. j. Med.

Solutions: good and bad

E-cigarettes can cause changes in gene expression

Short, free item, link from
Sci. Am.

Asthma diagnosis based on neutrophils in one drop of blood

Free abstract from
Proc. Nat'l. Acad. Sci.

What cells are using oxygen?

Full, free report, image from
R&D Mag.
What the techies are up to now: April 10-17
Thanks to 'net detective Henriette Evans
It isn't working right

The tobacco report

Short, free item from
The Scientist

What about patenting diagnostics?

Full, free essay from

Australia to homeopathy: no thank you

Brief, free note from
The Scientist

Works better

Silly putty carpet for growing spinal cord cells?

Full, free report from
Biosci. Tech.

Minimally-invasive ventricular surgery

Short, free note, video from Sci. Am.

The cost of chronic disease care

Newspaper article
Medical marvels to behold: April 3-10
Injection device for anti heroin overdose

Complete, free essay from Drug discov. & develop.

Old tech: whale carcass cure for rheumatism?

Full, free story, image from BBC News

Technology today: March 27-April 3
Thanks to 'net detective Linda Moussakova and Paul Blumstein

Skull model from 3-D printer implanted

Short, free piece, image from

Implant: pulsing cuff to aid venous return

Short, free item, video from Biosci. Tech.
What really killed President Harrison in 1841?

Newspaper story

The flu epidemic of 1918

Brief review from Historians of Health

What the techies did: March 20-27
Thanks to 'net detective Paul Blumstein

Triclosan, ingredient in antibacterial soap, must go!

Full, free essay from Sci. Am.

Water immersion birthing: avoid during later stage labor

Full, free pdf, references from Pediatrics

Vaccines: store at room temps, single dose sprays

Full, free essay from
Drug discov. & develop.
Blood tests
Looking at shear rates to determine risk of thromboses
Full, free article, graphics, linked citations from PLoS ONE

Rapid blood test with a single drop

Full, free essay from Smithsonian
Other devices and tests

Testing the cerebrospinal fluid for early Alzheimer Disease

Complete, free item from GEN

Children hearing for the first time in their lives
Free video from The Upworthiest
Adult cochlear implant for high frequency, nervous hearing loss

FDA Press release

Technology today: March 13-20

​Tattooing against a skin disease

Complete, free story, image, reference from BioTechniques

Genetic testing firm and the FDA

Full, free perspective, links from New Engl. j. Med.

Medical technology this week: March 6-13

What the techies came up with

Changing the smartphone into an ophthalmologist's friend

Full, free essay, image from
R&D Mag.

Anti-depression stimulation trials stopped

Full, free blog, links from Sci. Am.

Auditory brainstem implant

Full, free item, video from
ABC News

Portable devices

Electric headband for migraines: FDA approval

Complete, free item from Biosci. Tech.

Wristbands to detect chemical exposure

Full, free story from
Sci. Am.

Shrinking gel to guide tooth formation

Full, free essay, video from Biosci. Tech.

What the techies are doing: Feb. 27-March 6


Does acupuncture work against inflammation?

Full, free blog, link from
Sci. Am.

Sterotaxy to deliver drugs to brain

Complete, free story, image from R&D Mag.

Take a patch instead of a shot for flu vaccination

Full, free essay, image from


Optical device to determine blood clotting characteristics

Full, free essay, image from Biosci. Tech.

Cell-free DNA testing better than aneuploid screening for Down Syndrome

Free preview item from New Engl. j. Med.

Breathalyzer for diagnosis of diseases

Press release, image from NIH

Technology now: Feb. 20-27

Iron-based nanoparticles as contrast agents for MRI's

Free abstract from Lancet Oncol.

FDA ban on certain cigarettes from India

News release

Med tech this week: Feb. 13-20

Thanks to 'net detective Guy Lanter

Robotic surgery

Complete, free article, image, links from Sci. Am.

Electronic chip to provide 3-D views within cardiovascular system

Press release, citation from Georgia Tech

What the techies are doing: Feb. 6-13


Feds look into faulty forensics

Full, free story, links from Sci. Am.

FDA and makers of genetic test kits duke it out in court

Full, free article from GEN


Rapid packing of gunshot wounds

Website, images from Pop. Sci.

Helicopter controlled by mind for the paralyzed

Video from NSF

Always something new: Jan. 30-Feb. 6

Thanks this week to 'net detective Henriette Evans

Processes and methods

New technique for cranial repair

Full, free essay from Biosci. Tech.

Robot probes a single neuron

Free video from The Scientist

A brief history of malarkey in medicine

Complete, free perspective item, images, references from Lancet

Inexpensive, self-administered Alzheimer test

Full, free article, video from Drug discov. & develop.


Bioprinting: how does it work?

Great graphic presentation from GEN

Will MRI's eliminate the need for biopsies for marrow cancer?

Full, free item from Medical Daily

Good news about cochlear implants

Press release, image from The Penn. State Univ

Technology today: Jan. 23-30

Thanks this week to 'net detective Dee Silverthorn

Good tech

Throw out the stethoscope, welcome the ultrasound?

Full, free review article, references from Global Heart

Virtual nursing

Full, free video from MSN

Is male infant circumcision a wise decision?

Full, free blog from Sci. Am.

Bad tech

Nanoparticles may damage lung tissue

Full, free article from R&D Mag.

Who is using e-cigarettes?

Full, free perspective, graphic from New Engl. j. Med.

What the techies are up to now: Jan. 16-23


Polymers to protect the heart after a heart attack

Short, free essay, links from The Scientist

"Smart" hydrogels deliver the goods!

Complete, free item, image from R&D Mag.

Learning how humans walk--producing better prosthetics

Full, free story, image from Biosci. Tech.

Getting pregnant

New process: preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Full, free article, image, links from Biosci. Tech.

Pregnancies with in vitro fertiliation and transplanted uterus

Full, free essay, links from New Sci.

New detection devices

Detects gait, prevents falls

Full, free story from R&D Mag.

Contact lens determines glucose levels

Complete, free essay, image from Biosci. Tech.

Smartphone app to test cholesterol levels

Free audio file from NSF

Implantable nanowires for touch sensations, ECG's

Press release, image from No. Carolina State Univ.
Med. tech. this week: Jan. 9-16


Personal genetics company charged with false advertising

Full, free article, links from Sci. Am.

Glue to repair heart defects

Full, free article, images from Biosci. Tech.

Boy hears for the first time

Free story, video from ABC News


Something instead of organ donation?

Full, free essay, images from R&D Mag.

Implant for those with sleep apnea

Free abstract from New Engl. j. Med.

Chemical suppliers: why the US legal execution rate is in decline

Full, free essay, images, links from Takepart

What the techies are up to: Jan. 2-9

Mass spectrometry images sorts out tissues quickly

Full, free essay, images from R&D Mag.

Genetic clock also gives temperature reading

Complete, free article, video from R&D Mag.

Today's technology: Dec. 26-Jan. 2

Anti-erection devices that have been patented 

Complete, free blog, images from Sci. Am.

What is the progress in cryonic preservation of organs?

Full, free article, images, links from The Scientist

Gold threads for osteoarthritis in the knee

Short, free note, X-rays from New Engl. j. Med.

What the techies are up to this week: Dec. 19-26

Retinal cells printed with ink jet

Full, free piece from R&D Mag.

Is artificial cartilage on the horizon?

Press release, images from Duke Univ.

Modern medical miracles: Dec. 12-19

Routine procedures

These contact lenses supply anti-glaucoma drugs all the time

Complete, free essay from Drug discov. & develop.

3-D printed practice skulls for surgical practice

Short, free piece, video from New Scientist

30 minute influenza test using nanoparticles

Full, free item from Medical News Today


Hydrogel scaffolding for facial repairs

Complete, free essay from R&D Mag.

3-D printing to repair injured areas

Press release from NSF

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