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Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, December 20, 2013
Updated: Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beautiful biochemicals: April 17-24
Juno and Izumo: egg and sperm fusion proteins

Complete, free essay, images from

How does caffeine work in our bodies?

Full, free video from
R&D Mag.

Hydrogen sulfide necessary for proper marrow stem functioning

Full, free report, link to original summary, all from R&D Mag.

Biochemical news: April 10-17


Why some women are more likely to have Alzheimer Disease:

Short, free report from
The Scientist

Synthetic collagen to increase clotting post-surgically

Full, free item, image from
R&D Mag.

More chemicals

Stress, small RNA's, and sperm in older mice

Full, free essay, link to original abstract from
Sci. Am.

Possibly dangerous volatile organics from crib mattresses

Press release from Univ. Texas

Beautiful biochemicals: April 3-10
Bug killers and parkinsonism

Full, free essay from
Sci. Am.

Copper and the brain

Full, free article, images, links, references from The Scientist

Today in biochemistry: March 27-April 3

Inability to synthesize cystein behind Huntington Disease

Complete, free item from
Biosci. Tech.

Use prion detection technique to predict Alzheimer Disease

Full, free essay, link from Sci. Am.

Modern biochemistry: March 20-27
Thanks to 'net detective Brian Salisbury​

Structure of cholesterol transporter in the mitochondria

Press release, image original citation from DZNE

What are the biochemicals up to: March 13-20

Thanks this week to 'net detective Paul Blumstein


Protective protein decreases with Alzheimer Disease

Free abstract from Nature

What is the truth about gluten?

Free video from NBC News

Other chemicals

Agavins, non-nutritive sugars, might help control diabetes

Full, free story, links from

Phosphatidic acids and glucose release from liver

Full, free essay from Biosci. Tech.

Micro-RNA restores mouse cardiac functions

Complete, free, article, links, reference from The Scientist

This week in biochemistry: March 6-13

Proteins and polypeptides

Silencing proteins

Full, free essay from GEN

Oxytocin v snacking

Short, free item, images from Sci. Am.


GABA, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injury

Full, free essay from Biosci. Tech.

Could GABA be responsible for age-related memory decline?

Complete, free essay from Drug discov. & develop.

More chemicals

Elements' names explained

Free video from Sci. Am.

Depleted blood phospholipids  warn of later Alzheimer Disease

Free abstract, references from Nature Med.

Was chemical evolution inevitable?

Free video from NBC News

Best biochemicals: Feb. 27-March 6

Basically biochemistry

James Watson: Is diabetes due to a lack of oxidants?

Full, free story from GEN

Unsaturated fats prevent abdominal weight

Complete, free essay from Biosci. Tech.


Tau protein: how might it work in Alzheimer disease?

Full, free item from
Biosci. Tech.

Blood proteins predicting death

Full, free essay from GEN

Biochemistry today: Feb. 20-27

Thanks this week to 'net detective Ann Marie Furdock

Chaperones fold proteins

Complete, free essay, image from R&D Mag.

Prions important in long-term memory

Full, free article, link to research story from Sci. Am.

Breaking bad's meth making discussed

Free audio file from Academic minute

The scientist and the weedkiller

Complete, free story from The New Yorker

FDA finds no low dose harm related to BPA

Full, free essay, links from Sci. Am.

Living chemicals: Feb. 13-20

Tamoxifen, the breast cancer drug, used by body builders?

Full, free article, linked citation from BMJ

Lawsuit over legal execution chemical stops sales

Full, free essay from Drug discov. & develop.

Looking at reduction/oxidation in cells

Full, free item, images from R&D Mag.

 This protein helps in mRNA editing

Press release, image from Indiana Univ.

Biochemistry this week: Feb.6-13

Researchers use opsins expressing in neurons to control the cells

Press release, image from MIT

Environmental toxins and Alzheimer Disease

Complete, free story, link from Sci. Am.

Rethinking steroid biosynthesis

Full, free article, image, link to research abstract, all from The Scientist

The world of biochemistry: Jan. 30-Feb. 6

A flavonol to protect from Alzheimer Disease

Full, free article from Drug discov. & develop.

What's new in chemistry: Jan. 23-30

"Black mamba:" a new synthetic cannabinoid

Free note from New Engl. j. Med.

Alzheimer Disease and DDT metabolite

Complete, free item from GEN

Better biochemicals: Jan. 16-23

Can RNA synthesis give clues as to the origins of life

Full, free essay, image, reference from BioTechniques

Look at all the things that microRNA's do!

Complete, free article, image, references, all from BioTechniques.

Modern chemistry: Jan. 2-16

Huntington Disease protein, cardiac muscle proteins

Short explanation, image from The Scientist

Understanding RNA

Press release, image from Univ. No. Carol.

What are the chemicals doing: Dec. 12-Jan. 2

Nucleic acids

Alcohol, oxidative stress, and DNA

Complete, free story from Biosci. Tech..

Clear picture of RNA in muscular dystrophy

Full, free essay, image from Biosci. Tech..

What if you could have a gene code for 30 different amino acids?

Short, free item, links, image from The Scientist.

How did RNA come to exist?

Press release, image from Georgia Tech..


Novel class of mutagens from grilling meat, vehicle exhaust

Complete, free item from R&D Mag..

Is there such a thing as a healthy prion? Yes.

Full, free article, images, references from The Scientist

This protein found in brains, related to obesity

Full, free essay from Biosci. Tech.

Enzyme related to hemorrhagic stroke

Full, free story from Biosci. Tech..

Other chemicals

How does ketamine act as an antidepressant?

Complete, free item from Drug discov. & develop..

Blood cholesterol, beta amyloids, and Alzheimer Disease

Full, free essay from GEN

This week in biochemistry: Dec. 5-12

European Authority review: aspartame safe in cola drinks 

Complete, free article from Biosci. Tech.

Using cytochrome c to detect cell stress 

Full, free item from R&D Mag.

Chemical chaperones to treat protein misfolding diseases in mice 

Full, free essay, link to original abstract from The Scientist

Chemical in recycled plastic effective against fungi

Full, free story, image from R&D Mag.

Stay up-to-date in biochemicals here: Nov. 28-Dec. 4

Thanks this week to 'net detective Andrew Petto

A collection of aps for your Android phone

Mostly chemical-related themes but some biological from BioTechniques

Iron, oxygen, and the preservation of soft tissues

Free abstract from Roy. Soc. B: Bio. Sci.

Watch the enzyme go through phases

Full, free essay, animated video from R&D Mag.

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