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Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, December 20, 2013
Updated: 13 hours ago

More molecules: July 24-31

New peptide could stop Alzheimer

​Complete, free report, image from
R&D Mag.

A bounty of biochemicals: July 17-24
Nucleic acids and nitrogenous bases
Problems using micro-RNA for phylogenetic tree

​Full, free article, linked citations from

Unnatural nitrogenous base pairs work well

Short, free note from
Sci. Am.


Actin's structure at atomic level determined

​Full, free essay, image from
R&D Mag.

Giant protein mapped: Anaphase promoting complex

Complete, free report from R&D Mag.

Looking at chemicals: July 10-17
Cross-membrane cell proteins dancing to music!

Complete, free essay, video from
Biosci. Tech.

Complex proteome

Full, free story, reference from The Scientist

Novel protein linked to Alzheimer Disease

Full, free report from Biosci. Tech.

Biochemistry and A&P this week: July 3-10
Removing these parts of the protein and blood clotting

Full, free essay, image from
R&D Mag.

This cell stress protein at nexus of apoptosis or life

Complete, free report, reference from The Scientist

Better biochemical news: June 26-July 3

Thanks this week to 'net detective Brian Salisbury

Nucleic acids

Micro-RNA puts the breaks on osteoclasts

Full, free report from GEN 

How does DNA protect itself from UV light?

Full, free essay, image from
Biosci. Tech.

More biochemicals

What is the structure of milk when it is being digested?

Full, free report from
Sci. Daily

Protein ASC in clumps and the spread of inflammation

Complete, free article, images, references from The Scientist

Biochemical news: June 19-June 26

Cut the methane in the gut, increase insulin sensitivity

Complete, free report from
Drug discov. & develop.

Detecting meth and its relatives

Full, free story, link from Sci. Am.

Get clued in on chemistry: June 12-19

Tip-link protein in "hair cells" of cochlea

Full, free essay from

The dance of the proteins: confirmational changes

Complete, free report, images from GEN

A bounty of biochemistry: June 5-12

Simpler molecules

Urinating in a swimming pool can damage the lungs? See how:

Full, free article, links from
Sci. Am.


Cadherins form catch bonds between cells

Complete, free essay, image, link to original abstract from
R&D Mag.

Major actor in DNA repair, transcription also

Full, free story from Drug discov. & develop.

Huntington Disease protein spreads to healthy cells

Complete, free report from Drug discov. & develop.

Self-assembling nanomachines from proteins

Press release from Univ. Washington

Contemporary biochem.: May 29-June 5

How is your biochemistry grammar?

Full, free column from

Is this the fountain-of-youth protein?

Complete, free report from

Human proteome draft complete

Free abstract from Nature

Chemicals to the rescue: May 22-29

Why does eumelanin absorbs light so well?

Full, free report from R&D Mag.

Prions and Alzheimer disease

Full, free essay, image from
Biosci. Tech.

Polydopamine changes RBC antigens--wide range of recipients then?

Short, free item, images from Chem. World

Biochemistry this week: May 15-22

Thanks to 'net detective Vuvi Ngoyen

General chemistry notes

Anti-sense oligonucleotide reversed Alzheimer in mice

Complete, free essay from
Drug discov. & develop.

The role of carbon monoxide in deep sea mammals

Full, free report from
Biosci. Tech.

Chemistry fun with Fallon

Free video from You Tube

Protein news

Toxic protein at fault in progeria

Complete, free report, image from
Biosci. Tech.

Key protein in embryonic ear development

Full, free essay from
Drug discov. & develop.

This RNA starts translation by binding to repressor proteins

Short, free item, links from The Scientist

Marvelous molecules: May 8-15
Thanks to 'net detective Kelly Butzler​
Resveratrol v mortality? Not so much

Free abstract from
JAMA Int. Med.

How do those common chemicals damage sperm?

Full, free report, link to original article from
The Scientist

The scale of the universe

Free website

Biochemistry that you can use: May 1-8
Thanks to 'net detective Kelly Butzler

Synthetic nucleotides for DNA working in bacteria

Complete, free report, link to original summary, all from
The Scientist

Review of book about Primo Levi

Short, free item from

Living chemistry this week: April 24-May 1

General chemistry

Women in chemistry quilt

Full, free blog, images, links from
Sci. Am.

Palcohol is "powdered alcohol"

Full, free report, image, link from
Sci. Am.

Will that antioxidant make my arteries younger?

Complete, free essay from
Drug discov. & develop.


Anti-aging factor increases brain and muscle activity

omplete, free item from

Nucleic acids

Could you have figured out that RNA can act as an enzyme?

Complete, free blog from
Sci. Am.

The irregular arrangement of DNA

Full, free item, image from
R&D Mag.

DNA timeline

Free video timeline from

The impacts of the inorganics

and the brain

Complete, free article, images, references from
The Scientist

Beautiful biochemicals: April 17-24


This enzyme fixes DNA breaks

Full, free story, image from
R&D Mag.

Chaperones and Alzheimer Disease

Complete, free report, image from
Drug discov. & develop.

Protein identification methods

Full, free article, images, links from The Scientist

Juno and Izumo: egg and sperm fusion proteins

Complete, free essay, images from

Other stuff

How does caffeine work in our bodies?

Full, free video from
R&D Mag.

Niacin found in meteorite

Press release from NASA

Arsenic in the hair of Chilean mummies

Complete, free article, links, image from
Sci. Am.

Hydrogen sulfide necessary for proper marrow stem functioning

Full, free report, link to original summary, all from R&D Mag.

Biochemical news: April 10-17


Why some women are more likely to have Alzheimer Disease:

Short, free report from
The Scientist

Synthetic collagen to increase clotting post-surgically

Full, free item, image from
R&D Mag.

More chemicals

Stress, small RNA's, and sperm in older mice

Full, free essay, link to original abstract from
Sci. Am.

Possibly dangerous volatile organics from crib mattresses

Press release from Univ. Texas

Beautiful biochemicals: April 3-10
Bug killers and parkinsonism

Full, free essay from
Sci. Am.

Copper and the brain

Full, free article, images, links, references from The Scientist

Today in biochemistry: March 27-April 3

Inability to synthesize cystein behind Huntington Disease

Complete, free item from
Biosci. Tech.

Use prion detection technique to predict Alzheimer Disease

Full, free essay, link from Sci. Am.

Modern biochemistry: March 20-27
Thanks to 'net detective Brian Salisbury​

Structure of cholesterol transporter in the mitochondria

Press release, image original citation from DZNE

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