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Progress in physiology: Aug. 20-27

Posted By David L. Evans, Thursday, August 20, 2015
Updated: Thursday, August 27, 2015

Progress in physiology: Aug. 20-27

Thanks to 'net detective Terry Thompson

The empire strikes back: The immune system

Donated organs help in understanding immunology

Complete, free report, links from The Scientist

Reduce risk of peanut allergies: provide early exposure

Full, free story from Biosci. Tech.

Autoimmune blindness and the intestines

Full, free essay, images, links from GEN

Nervous and sensory systems

Neurological changes in new fathers

Complete, free report, images from Sci. Am.

Systems for tuning the cochlea

Full, free essay, images, references from BioTechniq.

Why blue light will keep you from sleeping

Full, free Q&A from Sci. Am.

Wiring the brain for habits

Full, free story from Biosci. Tech.

Physiological bits and bytes

Sex assignment confusion: the adrenal cortex

Full, free essay, images, links from The Scientist

US: too little exercise; value proven

Full, free item from Drug discov. & develop.

Liver fibrosis linked to diabetes mellitus

Full, free story, links from Healio

Study: older people need less sleep

Complete, free report from Biosci. Tech.

The circulatory system

Smoking cessation and improved cardiovascular system

Full, free pdf, graphics, references from Circulation

Work longer, more risk of strokes

Full, free story from Biosci. Tech.

Pericardial tapanade

Short, free note, images from New Engl. j. Med.

Holding your breath

How long can you hold your breath?

Complete, free report, images, references from Sci. Am. 

How does the nervous system work with this?

Free abstract from ResearchGate

"Greatest freediver" likely died

Full, free essay, images, videos from The Guardian

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