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What is that thing?
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What is that thing?

Posted By David L. Evans, Friday, December 20, 2013
Updated: Yesterday
Wow: July 24-31
Jealous Fido!

Complete, free report from

I never thought it possible: July 17-24


Who is the best sniffer among mammals? Surprise!

Complete, free essay, links from

Moose drool saves its hooves!

Full, free report, links from
New Sci.

Tremendous turtle

Press release, image from NSF

No backbones

Parasite flees flea

Free short note, videos from
New Engl. j. Med.

Big bug

Full, free essay, images from Sci. Am.

Wonderful life: July 10-17
Thanks this week to 'net detective Vuvi Nguyen

Comparisons between the World Cup and the Ph.D.

Free website

Elephant dung beetles do their thing to music

Free video from
The Scientist

Don't forget to take your moth to lunch: Moth Week!

Short, free item, links, images from
Sci. Am.

Ancient arachnid locomotion

Complete, free report from BBC News

Jumpin' July: July 3-10

Big bird

Newspaper story

Mosquitoes smell malaria carriers

Newspaper story

No legs

The "brain" of a comb jelly

Full, free article, image from BioTechniq.

Jeepers, it's summer: June 26-July 3
Watch the light show of the disco clam

Complete, free article, video (with music!), image from R&D Mag.

It's slime mold time!

Short explanation, image from
The Scientist

Have you seen the micrograph display at Dulles airport?

Free website from NIH

This is GREAT news: June 19-26

Why sex is good for you

Full, free diagram from The Upworthiest

Yikes: June 12-19

The whale's vagina

Full, free blog, images, links from
Sci. Am.

Who's the best dad of all?

Press release, image from NSF

Giardia line this gerbil's intestines

Short explanation, SEM from The Scientist

June is jumping: June 5-12

8-legged wonders

Sperm plugging spiders

Brief explanation, image from
The Scientist

"Mitey" interesting

Short explanation, image from The Scientist

4 legs is enough to scare the pants off me!

Yes: I know, you needed a nightmare this evening. So here it is:

Free, full article, images from Sci. Am.

Silly season: May 29-June 5
Thanks this week to 'net detective Krista Rompolski

Squirrel tissue in the buttock

Short, free note from
Medpage Today

15 million year old tick may have carried Lyme disease

Full, free item, image from LiveScience

Time of wonder: May 22-29

You want cute? Try the pygmy anteater

Complete, free story, images, links, video from
Sci. Am.

Dried human tears magnified

Full, free report, images from The Smithsonian

Mysterious May: May 15-22

Thanks this week to 'net detective Paul Blumstein
The world's oldest sperm

Full, free article, image from NBC News

The smart honey badger

Free video from website

The Megalonyx that never was

Complete, free blog, images, links from
Sci. Am.

Will this be the largest dinosaur ever?

Newspaper story, image

What the heck: May 8-15

Very vertebrate

Sex? No thanks--the strange life of those lizards

Full, free report, links, image from
Sci. Am.

Six legs and loving it!

The tongue of the moth

Short explanation, image from The Scientist

 Insects: yummo--let's have dinner!

Full, free Q&A from Sci. Am.

The May of madness: May 1-8

Who's the fastest? Mite you know?

Full, free blog, images from
Nat'l. Geo.

The cartwheeling spider!

Full, free report, image, video from
Sci. Am.

What is the most dangerous animal? Surprising answer

Free video from

Strange spring: April 24-May 1
Ancient days and ancient nights

500 million year old heart found

Full, free report, images from
Biosi. Tech.

An asteroid created instant fossils

Short explanation, image from
New Sci.

Marine marvels

Did you get my bill? How swordfish kill

Full, free article, video from
Sci. Am.

The quacking whale

Short, free note, links, image from
The Scientist

It's not a bird, it's not a speeding locomotive, it's Super Shrimp!

Press release, video, images from UC/Riverside

The unusual: April 17-24
Thanks this week to Vuvi Nguyen
C-section saves turtle's life

Free, short note, images from
Mulder's World

The joking crow

Full, free blog from
Sci. Am.

Beyond odd: April 10-17

Thanks to 'net detective Paul Blumstein


Plants, bugs: where will it end!!??

Full, free item from
Sci. Am.

Anti-zombie spray: save yourselves!

Short, free note, video from Sci. Am.


The decaying body

Full, free animation from
Sci. Am.

Did they have a live chupacabra?

Free video from

Cute rat

Short, free explanation, video from
Sci. Am.

Not mammals

How smart are crows?

Short, free blog, video from

The foot of the mite

Short explanation, image from Sci. Am.

April foolishness: April 3-10
Thanks to 'net detective Paul Blumstein
Phood phantasies

Cheeteau: The cheetos perfume

Brief note, image from Delish

Eight food pranks

From the Urbanspoon 

Just interesting

Living oarfish

Short, free essay, images, videos from Sci. Am.

The zebra's stripes and those biting flies

Full, free article from R&D Mag.

The silly season: March 27-April 3
Thanks to 'net detective Paul Blumstein
Winged worries
Bird-eating spider

Full, free video from YouTube

The magpie and the puppy

Complete, free video from YouTube

Mostly mammals

Man does C-section on porcupine, saves baby

Short, free story from AP

So two atoms walk into a bar and...

Free video from R&D Mag.

Photos of extinct animals

Brief notes and images from Sci. Am.

The zoo that we call our body

Free video from MSN

The March of madness: March 20-27

The blushing squid

Short explanation, image from The Scientist

This week in strange: March 13-20

The homesick pythons

Full, free story, video from New Sci.

Senses in the shark

Full, free essay from
The Scientist

​I knew you was a plant: sea anemones--plant micro RNA's

Full, free article, image from Biosci. Tech.

Winter of the weird: March 6-13
Thanks to 'net detective Paul Blumstein​ and Joyce Shaw

Not mammals

What a fun guy!

Full, free blog, images from Sci. Am.


Did he hold his breath for 17 minutes?

Free video from 

Playful elk

Free video from Koreus

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