Steering Committee Chairs

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2017 Annual Committee Chair - Mark Nielsen
Animal Use – Christie Canady 

Cadaver Use  – Cindy Wingert 
Communications - Wendy Riggs 

Conference – Tom Lehman  
Curriculum & Instruction – Hiranya Roychowdhury 
Executive Committee – Terry Thompson

Foundation Oversight – (Co-Chair) Bob Crocker 

Foundation Oversight – (Co-Chair) Don Kelly
HAPS Educator  – Kerry Hull 

Membership – Leslie Day  
Nominating – Ron Gerrits
Pres-Emeriti Advisory Board – Tom Lehman 
Safety (Co-Chair) – Yuli Kainer 
Safety (Co-Chair) – Neal Schmidt  
Steering Committee – Kyla Ross  

Testing (Co-Chair) –
Jennifer Burgoon 
Testing (Co-Chair) – Valerie O'Loughlin 

A&P Factors for Success Task Force – Kerry Hull