HAPS Educator: Special Curriculum Issue

Call for Papers  

Do you have a classroom activity that promotes good conversations among students? Here is your chance to leverage your work into a peer-reviewed publication with a DOI. We are publishing a special issue of the HAPS Educator devoted to curricular materials for the active learning Anatomy, Physiology, or the Anatomy and Physiology classroom.  

Submission deadline:September 30, 2017

Target date for publication: November 15, 2017

Submission Guidelines

The submission is through this form and will include:

1. Title

2. Contact information

3.  Student Activity

4.  Teacher’s Guide           

  • Target audience
  •  Learning outcomes (including relevant HAPS learning outcomes)
  • Prior knowledge required
  • Time required
  • Guidelines for classroom implementation
  • Instructor observations (e.g. student conversations during the activity or misconceptions revealed by the activity)

5. Answer Key.  The answer key will not be published in the Educator.  Instead, answer keys will be made available on a secure, members-only area in the HAPS website. 

Two sample activities are available:  sample 1 and sample 2   

Submitted activities must not contain any copyrighted materials; all text and images must be original.

Review Process

All submissions will be subject to anonymous peer review.  Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. Is the activity scientifically accurate?

2. Does it have the potential to effectively promote student conversations?

3. Does it address one or more of the key HAPS learning outcomes?

4. Has the author used the activity in their own and potentially others’ classrooms?

Accepted activities may be copy-edited for grammar and style, but will not be otherwise modified. 

Questions:  Contact the HAPS Editors