Communication Committee

The Communications Committee is helping HAPS establish its voice in a technological landscape shaped by social media.  We are a relatively new group and work closely with the Marketing Committee to facilitate connections within HAPS as well as recruiting potential members via social media.  There are so many great perks of HAPS that communicating about its virtues is easy!

If you're interested in helping us share amazing things about HAPS with the world, consider joining the Communications Committee.   There are many easy ways to help!  You can join our army of social-media-savy HAPSters to promote HAPS on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the HAPSblog.  Your participation could be as simple as "liking" updates on Facebook or re-tweeting HAPS tweets.  If you wanted to put in a little more effort, you could help write Facebook updates and tweets.  And if you're really ambitious, you could even help compose posts for the HAPSblog.

Participating in the Communications Committee is a great way to learn more about HAPS and support its growth and sustainability.

Please contact the Communications Committee Chair  if you want to join the fun!

 Committee Purpose

1.      To integrate HAPS communication over different platforms (eg.HAPS-Ed,, Facebook, twitter, HAPS blog, HAPS-L listserv, LinkedIn, etc.) to reach and engage multiple audiences and make sure all receive vital HAPS information

2.      To work with the Membership and Marketing committees on outreach to the larger A&P community

 Committee Duties

1.      Maintain the HAPS twitter feed

2.      Ensure that HAPS blog posts and HAPS-ED articles are announced on twitter and facebook

3.      Let HAPS members know what is being discussed on the listserv through twitter and Facebook

Click here for a list of all the HAPS Steering Committee Chairs